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How Did This Happen?


Times certainly have changed. My rotation of mostly black pens has been invaded by demos sporting jewel toned inks. How did this happen?

The term demo or demonstrator comes from pens with clear barrels that were used years ago to reveal or demonstrate the inner workings of a fountain pen. Stores might have had a few, but not customers. In the past ten years or so, clear pens have become available from a few manufacturers and have caught the fancy of many collectors.

I used to avoid demos thinking the potential for stains would make them high maintenance and only good with low maintenance inks. While that may hold true for some pens, those in my collection tolerate a variety of inks and have shown no signs of staining with normal pen hygiene.

The Lamy Vistas don’t get much use due to inconsistent flow so they are semi-retired. But thanks to the generosity of Luxury Brands USA, a Platinum Nice M (pink gold), a Nice Pur B (rhodium), and a Noodler’s Ahab Flex have nudged aside more mundane black pens. With three grades of nibs, I hardly need anything else. Well, except for the Platinum #3776 music nib. When I want a bold line, nothing is quite as sweet.

Seeing colorful ink at a glance is a gentle reminder of what’s in store when a pen is put to use. The Nice is inked with Waterman South Sea Blue and the Ahab is inked with Noodler’s Apache Sunset. The Pur is awaiting a fill. What do you think would be luscious from that broad nib pen?

Demos haven’t overwhelmed my rotation so far, but the more somber black pens aren’t happy to be displaced. Do you suppose they will be exceptionally well-behaved to maintain their dominance? Now wouldn’t that be a nice turn of events.


Fountain Pen Day


Many aficionados are marking Fountain Pen Day by posting images of their favorite pens and/or written remarks about the day. Some especially lucky ones will win prizes in the many giveaways ending today. All of us will enjoy using our pens just as we do every day of the year.

Besides putting a few to use, I’m giving fourteen neglected pens a thorough cleaning before going into storage for a well earned vacation. That will leave two Platinums, two Reform 1745s, one Noodler’s and a Lamy on my desk. After a good cleaning the Platinum #3776 music nib will return to active duty. That’s more than enough variety to keep this fountain pen lover happy.

Do you have plans for Fountain Pen Day?


Want the Platinum Chartres Blue Fountain Pen? Here’s The Deal!


Just so you won’t have to, I did some shopping around after receiving one of those year-end what a great deal emails. The item with the 20% discount looked very appealing so I decided to check prices with online retailers who make great deals an everyday occurrence. Well, not only is the Platinum #3776 Century Chartres Blue Fountain Pen well priced elsewhere, but you can get it shipped free at least for now. So if this pen is on your wish list, I Sell Pens or Goldspot Luxury Gifts  will take your order. Go on. Hop to before they run out.

A Blue Screen And The Platinum Century Chartres Blue Pen has my initial impression of the pen to which you can add two new remarks . One is that under low light it looks black. That makes the pen a chameleon depending on lighting conditions. The second is that the broad nib is turning out very well for me. However, I’ve set it aside to see how Platinum Pigment Ink flows after days of no use. That’s frustrating because I want to write with it – not watch it. See what I do for you ink and pen lovers!


Does Inkophile Owe You One?


The year is drawing to a close and it has been a roller coaster ride to be sure. My office is jammed with work, art supplies, pens, ink, and tons of paper products. This week Christmas arrived early when Dick Egolf of Luxury Brands sent a huge box of Noodler’s Ink, Noodler’s Pens, and Platinum pens for review. Color me gobsmacked at his generosity and consider my wishlist fulfilled.

Certainly, it is a lot of product to test and write about but I also want to handle any unfinished business. So if I owe you a review, please let me know. My log shows that I have caught up but it could be mistaken. Not that a log would ever lie but…


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