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A New Notebook For Fountain Pens From Lollipro


The Lollipro notebook is a relative newcomer, first appearing less than a year ago at Amazon. It is nicely put together and comes with 120gsm fountain pen-friendly paper. What sold me on ordering the Lollipro was the way they described how well the paper works with fountain pen ink. While it wasn’t a sure thing, neither was it a gamble since the binder would work with another A6 brand of paper that I already knew was good with fountain pens.

This A6 notebook lays flat, fits easily in my handbag and comfortably in my hand thus meeting my basic form requirements. The spine is a bit stiff, not supple, and will need a little breaking-in. Quite serviceable as is but it does not flop open like a cover made with cloth. The stitching is even and consistent in its distance from the edge. Like every other binder with stitching I have owned, a couple of stitches are imperfect. Not enough to be of concern, but in fairness, worthy of mention.

The cover is comfortable to the touch and has a light suede texture. The six-ring, loose-leaf design is convenient for someone like me who is constantly reorganizing notes. The binder mechanism is attached with two screws and can be removed should the need arise.

Despite the dullness of the image, the paper is ivory with gray lines spaced 7mm apart. The surface is smooth and velvety making it suitable for any nib. No feathering, no bleeding, no ghosting with fountain pen ink. My 0.5 HB mechanical pencil is another satisfactory mate for the paper and the Tombow MONOgraph in coral pink is a good color match.

The front cover has an outside pocket for a slim phone or papers. The Lollipro is stiff enough to use on my lap or on an uneven surface which makes it more versatile than a floppy A5 binder I have from another seller. I am looking forward to the spine becoming more flexible and sufficient use should improve that over time. It comes in transparent and bright orange editions in addition to my rose pink lined in gray.

There are several configurations. The bundle I purchased includes three packets of paper and two plastic, backing sheets like pencil boards, that will make a firm surface whether writing on the front or the back of a sheet of paper. They are also useful for post-its and washi tape, both of which peel off easily from the plastic surface. Think of them as mini bulletin boards.

The heart on a string could be used as a bookmark or as a simple decoration. It is easily detached and I am putting it aside for now.

In the paper world, there are two A6 sizes: personal (6.75 x 3.75″) that fits the small version of the Filofax system and the standard or European size (5.83 x. 4.14″) that is 1/2 the size of A5. I cut paper in those sizes as a test and found the personal size like the Lollipro better suited to my list-making penchant.

If you don’t usually buy from Amazon, note that it is where I found the Lollipro product line. It is a small company trying to make a go of it and the binders are good value for money. Currently at around $10 for the binder alone, I haven’t seen anything better or even close for that matter.

J. Herbin Rouille d’Ancre looks like a good mate for the Lollipro rose pink cover. The only question now is which pen to use. A transparent barrel might be just the thing like the Platinum Century Nice. Sounds like eye candy for a fountain pen lover.

Please view the images here for better color rendition.


A Plannerisms Going Places Planner


Recently, Laurie at Plannerisms offered me her planner for review. With certainty my life could use a lot more planning and far less randomness. I’m game for improvements, so I accepted the planner in hopes that not only would it provide a good product about which to post, but also a tool to organize.

Plannerisms Planner in Teal

The Plannerisms Planner is full of all sorts of useful things like conversions charts, weights and measures, International holidays and an International Dialing Directory.

Plannerisms Planner Conversions Chart

There are instructions on how to use the monthly, quarterly and annual goals pages along with weekly pages to track progress.

Plannerisms Planner Monthly Calendar

There is a calendar to keep track of activities, two pages at the front to set goals and two pages for an annual review at the end. If you are goal oriented, this is one of the best planners to track your efforts.

Plannerisms Planner Weekly Calendar

There is a slim notebook inside a sleeve at the back that has lined paper with “Notes” printed at the top. That added bit reminds me of drawing outside the box with the planner itself being the box and the notebook being the store house for everything that doesn’t fit.

Plannerisms Planner Back Cover

The two main sections, goals and calendar, are easily accessed with two ribbon bookmarks of compatible colors. In my book, one is teal and the other black. This is a nice touch and makes finding the right page fast and convenient. The elastic band that keeps the planner closed matches the color scheme so the whole affair is very pleasing to the eye.

There is a small embossed logo at the bottom right corner on the front and center bottom edge on the back. Discreet is the best word to describe both.

The planner comes in several colors. The teal stands out in contrast to the plethora of neutral items on my desk, but it is a soft teal that invites rather than demands attention. Iroshizuku syo-ro is a good match for it.

The pale cream colored paper is a mere 84 gsm so a lot of pages fit in the journal. The surface is very smooth and should work well with all sorts of writing instruments. Laurie uses liquid ink roller ball pens and gel pens that don’t produce any show-through or bleed-through.

Plannerisms Planner Ink Test

The ink test tells fountain pen users who won’t compromise on writing tools, all they need to know: some pens and inks work while others do not. The Sheaffer Taranis medium with Sheaffer Blue Black ink performed the best, comparable to the Sharpie Pen and the other non-fountain pen instruments. The Taranis is a narrow medium with a flow that is on the dry side of average. Used with a light touch, it produced a very acceptable line and very little show-through. The dry-writing Pilot Prera fine with Noodler’s Bad Belted Kingfisher was second best with a modest amount of show-through and a few dots of bleed-through. Iroshizuku syo-ro worked almost as well from a Pelikan M250 with a fine italic nib.

The conclusion is that a dry-writing extra-fine to fine nib with the right ink should produce a workable duo. I prefer my Autopoint Mechanical Pencil for use in a planner since my plans are always in flux. Being unable to use a fountain pen is not a problem for me, but I know that for some of you that might be off-putting.

The Plannerisms Going Places Planner is attractive, well-built, and an asset for the goal-oriented user. If that isn’t you, the pages for goals could be adapted to other subjects.

Thanks Laurie for the opportunity to review your planner.

More info: Order a planner from Plannerisms and get the scoop on additional covers.


A Moleskine Planner Is Reporting For Duty


It’s New Year’s Eve and my Moleskine Weekly Diary/Planner is begging to be put to use. What better way than to set some goals in writing. This Moleskine has a calendar on the left and a lined page on the right which is perfect to list targets, notes, and thoughts on what to accomplish and by when in 2012.

This is just for the big stuff. Resolutions are so easily forgotten and this looks like an easy way to keep track of my progress. Well, sort of. Would it be cheating if I wrote in pencil?

Moleskine Academic Planner for 2011-2012

Moleskine Academic Planner for 2011-2012

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