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Pen Links For A Quiet Moment


It’s all pens and inks this week…


A Change At Noodler’s


Due to circumstances beyond his control, Nathan has changed the packaging for Noodler’s Ink. Details in the video, but the short of it is that for the remainder of the year and perhaps longer, Noodler’s Ink will come in a plastic bottle. No changes will be made to the ink. Just the container will be different until a new source for the three ounce glass bottle can be arranged.


Frustrating Noodler’s Ink News


Are you a fan of Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses (a/k/a BSAR)? Well, savor what you’ve got because it ain’t no more. The most recent batch has experienced a significant color shift due to a change in the dye. The original dye is no longer available so this is it, folks. The end of the line.

The new formula is deep violet, plain and simple. This isn’t Nathan’s doing, but I do think he should have retired Australian Roses and introduced the new ink under its own name. Black Swan in Violette Roses would have expressed the new color very well.



Nathan And The Ahab Nib


Nathan Tardif videos are packed with useful information, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, this screen capture tells you all you need to know about the flexible Ahab nib.

The video is chock full of tips, but this screen capture of line variation shows what the flexible nib can do even when just producing doodles. The pen is a clear Noodler’s Ahab filled as an eyedropper with Noodler’s Black ink. Not bad, eh?


Moleskine, Noodler’s Ink, And Other Assorted Links


Like a box of fancy chocolates, this assortment may take some time to get through…


Noodler’s Black Ink – The Proof Is In The Photos


Ha! Thought you were going to see a bunch of photos in this post? Why reinvent the wheel when PenFisher has posted the definitive lot at FPN.

If I had to make do with just a single ink, Noodler’s Black would be the one. When I rediscovered fountain pens over ten years ago, black ink was all I used. The now discontinued Parker Penman Ebony worked well in my art pens so that was good enough for me. Then I discovered Noodler’s Black and realized a fountain pen could write even better, smoother, and clean more easily than with Penman. That opened the flood gates to the world of ink and I’ve never looked back.

Recently I ran across a Moleskine journal from seven years ago that had been paired with a Parker ’51’ Aerometric F. Mind you this is an old journal with arguably better quality paper than the more recent stuff but it’s clear that Noodler’s Black, Moleskine and the ’51’ were a winning combination. My daughter has used NB in a Lamy Safari F on inexpensive paper for the past year with nary a whiff of trouble. Moms and daughters don’t always agree, so take this as high praise.

Note to Nathan Tardif, the man behind Noodler’s:  If you ever decide to rename Black, consider Basic Black. Basic fits well because it is a foundation ink as well as a foundation color. As of today at least, it would be a unique name and you are almost as well-known for that streak of quirkiness you bring to ink naming as you are for your excellent inks.

Additional remarks from 2009 on Noodler’s Black in a calligraphy pen.

Leonardo Calligraphy Pen Meets Noodler's Black Ink

Leonardo Calligraphy Pen Meets Noodler's Black Ink

More on Noodler’s Black from Dave Garrett.

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