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Grid Format and Why Didn’t I Try This Before?


It’s only a month into this journal so my opinion might change in future, but for now, the grid format is working very well. That’s something I never thought would happen.

Ruled notebooks are designed for writing. Like the yellow brick road, just follow the path. I’ve used them for years and doodled in the margins, but with a few exceptions like when Gene Kelly danced across a page, seldom added anything else.

Blank journals have no limits, but do invite filling the empty space creatively. However, I miss the lines that keep my writing level and so use blank journals mostly for water media rather than words.

As my daughter pointed out, the pale grid format is like a background pattern. The horizontal lines can be followed for writing or I can ignore them and doodle in any direction. Turning the book sideways, allows for long sentences and a fresh perspective.

Line spacing on Miquelrius paper is 4mm so skipping a line when I write full-sized looks fine or I can use a fine nib and write on every line. For my journal use, this grid is just the right size. For comparison, the Moleskine and Rhodia grids are 5mm so there isn’t much difference.

Glad I didn’t spring for a dated planner since the freedom of decorating pages my own way is liberating. Plus I don’t write in my journal every day and some days I write more than a page. Despite the useful design and appeal of a Hobonichi or Midori, I need room to roam.

Things like Washi tape, paper cut outs, stamps will enliven pages, but not add significant bulk. Watercolor squiggles applied with a dry brush is another option. Filling in some of the squares to make various designs is relaxing and can add more details. No talent necessary for any of these embellishments.

Trying something different has paid off this time and added an element of adventure to keeping a journal. Predictable can get ever so boring. Where’s the fun in that?


Miquelrius Ink And Watercolor Tests


Much to my surprise, the Miquelrius journal paper handles watercolor from a waterbrush better than ink from a wide fountain pen nib. Admittedly the brush was on the dry side, but still there is a lot of doodling that can be done this way. Note that there was no bleed through. The show through is on par with the weight of the paper and similar to Tomoe River.

As for my continuing pen and ink experiments, a Lamy Safari EF with Noodler’s Black has proven the best match so far. Noodler’s General of the Armies works well, too. Some inks feather while others bleed through enough to make the back of the paper useless. However, at the price point of around $10 and for the amount of paper, these journals could be used up and trashed without regret which makes them perfect for having a little fun with ink, paint, stamps and some other doodads. And fun is what it’s all about.


Selecting A Journal For The New Year – Part 2


Best laid plans and all that. The Miquelrius journal has been a disappointment. The paper bleeds worse than the paper in my copier so I’m looking for something better. Kp offered to send a few journals from her stash and I will post the results in time. If all else fails, a Stillman & Birn Epsilon or Zeta may have to heed the call although I prefer them for other duties than my day to day musings. A lined or grid format is really essential to keep my writing on the straight and narrow, but decorating pages with watercolor is necessary, too. The search continues…


Selecting A Journal For The New Year


After following Mia’s work in a Hobonichi this past year, is it any wonder this journal topped my list for 2015? The Tomoe River paper is delightful and the layout and covers are attractive and well-made. The largest version is in the right range for my wide nibs and would still leave enough room for doodles and ink swatches. Unfortunately, the Hobonichi is not in my budget.

There are stores that sell Tomoe River paper in journals, but not in the grid format with which I want to experiment this next year. Paper For Fountain Pens, Nanami Seven Seas and Jet Pens have lined and blank paper if that might work for you. Jet Pens sent some blank sheets that I might put together for an ink journal once my Clairefontaine is full.

Uncertain what to use for a daily journal, I put aside the decision for another day and decided to look for a Noodler’s ink to write holiday notes. It was rather dark in my office so I used a flashlight to see the back of the bottom shelf and look what I found.

Two Miquelrius grid notebooks! They lack the cachet of Tomoe River, but they have a ton of pages and are very fountain pen friendly. These journals are too heavy to carry around so that is one drawback. Otherwise, they will do. And the budget nanny is pleased indeed.


Mostly Pen Links But Dirds And Martial Arts, Too


Lots of pen-related links along with some other fun subjects…


Miquelrius Notebooks Are Perfect For Fountain Pens


Some brands of paper accept fountain pen ink without hesitation. Miquelrius is one of them.

Never heard of this company? According to the website, “Miquelrius is a family company whose origins go back to 1839 in Barcelona, Spain.” Its products are available at a variety of retailers but the plain black cover might not stand out on crowded shelves or turn up in an online search. At the price point, it’s worth seeking out and the scan shows why.

Miquelrius Notebook

This white paper is more lightweight than Black ‘n Red or Staples Arc but show-through and bleed-through were non-existent even from my Namiki Falcon SB gusher. A variety of inks and nibs produced clean margins and no feathering. The 6.5 x 8″, spiral bound, 140 sheet version can easily be written on both sides yielding 280 pages. The edges are colored-coded blue, red, green, and gray for four-subjects should you be so organized. Retail prices vary but I purchased mine on sale at Target for around $4 a few months ago. Now I wish I’d bought a stack of them.

The paper is very smooth. Resistance is absent and makes the paper ideal for long sessions. The number of pages per notebook is significantly greater than comparable products. That’s value for money I appreciate. Line-spacing is 7mm or just over a quarter inch which is fine for most people and suitable for those who write large like me.

The thin-ish paper has a quirk that I like but won’t suit everyone. Pages that have been written on can be seen through an unwritten page. I find that rather charming in a vintage way. In use, it wasn’t off-putting at all but instead made me rather pleased that I’d filled up so many pages. For a writer, that’s a good thing.

In addition to a simple black polyproplyene cover with the MR logo, Miguelrius notebooks come in a variety of patterns though only a few were available at Target. All of those were too cutesy for my taste but they do change offerings from time to time. The next batch might have one that would be just the thing. These notebooks come in several sizes and with different numbers of pages. Some are bound while others are spiral with micro-perforated pages that are hole punched. There are grid versions as well as lined. If you order online, check the specs to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Links to explore: Miquelrius, Target, Barnes & Noble, Amazon.

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