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Sunday Reads: Dogs, Snow and Pen Stuff


Having introduced a couple of dogs to the wonders of snow, the Dogs in Snow video proved delightfully true though my kids never tried the two-legged march. Of the two, a Shih Tzu and a mini dachshund, the former was thrilled with the foot-deep drifts of the stuff while the latter was shocked and intimidated. The Shih Tzu, a lapdog, had chutzpah while the doxie, a ratter, was a wuss. Go figure.


Ink Links Plus Flower And Bird Photos


Totally on topic this week…

Outside my kitchen window, a late blooming camellia is attracting a lot of attention especially from the hummingbirds who nest in my yard every year. The hummers were reluctant to pose hence the old photos, but the flowers were less flighty if a bit bouncy riding on the March winds.


Sunday Reads And Other Treats


Another eclectic mix…

A little color to brighten the day




Inkophile Links From Moleskine To Babies To Bugs


What do babies, bugs, Moleskine, ice cream, and a carnival have in common? Nothing except they all made it into this edition of my links post…


An Eclectic Group Of Links For May Day


Starting the month out right…

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