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Sunday Reads: Pens And Horses


In my youth, I was horse crazy. Fond memories. I still love horses, but these days I rarely get closer than the two Baoer Eight Horses fountain pens below.

Five years ago, this was my rotation.

Platinum #3776
Platinum #3776 Century
Lamy AL-Star
Pelikan M400
Pelikan M215
Pilot Namiki Falcon
Sailor 1911
Sailor Sapporo
Baoer Eight Horses in Bronze
Baoer Eight Horses in Copper
Pilot Custom 742FA


Links From Moleskine To Horses To Snow


NYC + snow + chutzpah = FUN!


Assorted Links From Pens To Letters To Horses


Be sure to read the caption under the image of the horses. I love it when someone puts government bureaucracy in its place.

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