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Pen, Ink And Paper Links Plus A Picasso


Fountain pens and other delights…

Picasso Signature



Pen Links For A Hot Weekend


Temps are expected to hit 100℉ this weekend with rolling blackouts likely, perfect for some hot links to suit the weather.


Platinum #3776 Century Nice rose gold nib


A Dozen Distractions From The Pen World And Beyond


An odd mix of things that provided much-appreciated distraction this past week…

Five years on, I still love this duo.


J. Herbin Stormy Grey Ink Is Flying Off Shelves


The much anticipated J. Herbin Stormy Grey ink has taken the fountain pen community by storm. So much so that it is on backorder at most retailers. If you didn’t get in on the initial shipment, Gourmet Pens has done a thorough review with lots of images to whet your appetite for the next time it is available from your favorite ink source. I think it would look smashing in a stainless steel pen, especially one with gold furnishings. Indeed!

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