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Trouble At Inkophile, Part 2


A comment to yesterday’s post gave me the opportunity to expand on the situation about continuing to reside at WordPress. I am reposting that comment here.

Shubhranshu Das wrote:

Sign of the times…I hope you can get out of this paid version and rescue the prior records and exit to a more conducive platform …

My reply:

Yes, it is a sign of the times. Being profitable is essential to survival and expansion. I get that. The rub is that hobby blogs are rarely profitable. There is no income flow to defray expenses. My reviews have dwindled along with my budget while product prices have risen. The WP fee will cut into it further.

Thankfully, Luxury Brands (distributor of Platinum Pens, Noodler’s Ink), Exaclair (distributor of Herbin, Rhodia, Clairefontaine), Pen Chalet, Goldspot Pens, Nemosine, Jackson’s Art Supplies, and others have sent products in recent years that have kept Inkophile alive. Such supporters are priceless as are those readers who have sent products or donated cash. Inkophile has become a group effort in which every individual is greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, I lack the expertise to relocate. Moving 1,244 posts with associated links and images along with 6,245 comments would be a daunting task. Inkophile is trapped in the clutches of the WP monster.

Update: A lovely reader sent a donation that will help pay the WP ransom. Yay!

The saga continues at Trouble at Inkophile, Part 3.


Sweet Deal On A Pilot Vanishing Point At Goldspot Pens


Goldspot Pens is offering the metallic Pilot Vanishing Point at an excellent price that includes a free bottle of Iroshizuku ink as well as free shipping. If you have ever wanted to buy a VP, this is the best deal I have ever seen for this pen. Grab one while you can!


Midweek Links: Pen, Paper And Ink


The first link about slowing down handwriting speed is good advice though it isn’t always practical. However, this action does improve legibility and suits any writing that others must read. The last link is to an article about one of my favorite journal creators and includes several pages as well as a few of the fountain pens he uses. Enjoy!

From the archives, my Autumn 2012 rotation:


Ten Years Old And Still Going Strong


Inkophile is ten years old! Can you believe it? Over 216,000 words, 250 reviews, 1,200 posts and 6,000 comments. That’s a lot of pen talk!

Fountain pens were’t always my tool of choice, but in an art store nearly twenty years ago, a disposable model caught my eye. Since then there has been no turning back.

Moving forward a few years, Ebay provided access to pens that were unavailable locally, but those thirsty suckers needed suitable nectar and that’s when I discovered Pendemonium. Through Sam and Frank, I learned about Rhodia pads and acquired a taste for J. Herbin Lie de The and Poussiere de Lune. Then came Noodler’s Black and Legal Lapis. Those early acquisitions made a fine start to my ink addiction.

Fountain Pen Network caught my interest a few years later, and after an extended period of lurking, I signed up. It was an enjoyable playground for a newbie and remains so. Back then FPN’s tolerance for intemperate and off-topic remarks led to the creation of Inkophile as a more free form and less divisive venue for pen posts. Thanks, FPN!

Even my Twitter account has been around for a decade. Recently, I put some time into refining my Twitter lists, one with over 250 artists and another with over 400 pen people. Twitter can be a cesspool so members are mostly folks who post on-topic or upbeat tweets. The lists are curated so will not only expand, but members who cease to write about relevant subjects will be removed. No aspersions cast on anyone, but the point is to see tweets related to art, pens, and things that are positive. The lists can be a treat when other areas of life are not.

Manufacturers have expanded their offerings in the past ten years well beyond anything I imagined when Inkophile was launched. There is no way to keep up with every pen and ink released making the support of retailers and distributors invaluable. In fact, Pen Chalet, Goldspot, and Exaclair have sent pens and inks recently so there are a few new items awaiting review. Much to do.

Lastly, a huge thank you to my readers who have made this blog possible. You are the best!

In order, most viewed Inkophile photos on Flickr:


Sunday Links From Films To Pens To Teleportation


More pen links than usual but some off-topic things, too.


Keep Track Of Your Collection With The New InkJournal


Do you keep track of your inks in a journal? If not, it’s a great way to chart your ink journey. When my collection blossomed from fewer than ten to dozens and later more than a hundred, a simple notebook was the best I could find. Now there is a better option, the InkJournal from Tom Oddo of Goldspot Pens and Oddo Ink.

InkJournal Cover

InkJournal Cover

Full specs are available at the blogs below but suffice to say the paper is friendly to fountain pen nibs and inks. The format is useful and the dimensions similar to a pocket-sized Moleskine cahier. The journals are environmental friendly, too.

InkJournal Inkdex

InkJournal Inkdex

The prompts are logical and include enough space for your unique observations.

InkJournal Ink Info Page

InkJournal Ink Info Page

The back of each page is assigned to notes and comments. I used it to write a few words with the same ink but from different pens as new ones went into my rotation. To fit as many writing samples as possible in the space, I kept to the name of the pen and the nib size with a symbol or doodle to remind me of how well the ink and pen worked together.

InkJournal Notes Page

InkJournal Notes Page

Each journal contains enough pages to evaluate fifteen inks and comes packaged in sets of either three or six booklets. Sorting by brand is one way to organize your collection. Another way is to dedicate a journal to a color or color group. If this would suit you, it’s worth buying more than one set from the start. My color categories include

  • black and gray
  • blue
  • blue/black
  • green
  • brown
  • red and burgundy
  • purple, violet and aubergine
  • green-blues like turquoise and teal
  • orange and yellow

If a single journal will be used to track two colors, you might start at the front with one and the back for the other. They will eventually meet towards the middle as your collection grows.

InkJournal Back Cover

InkJournal Back Cover

What with bottles, cartridges, ink samples, and trades, these InkJournals could fill quickly. Even written samples snipped from correspondence, can be tucked inside the appropriate color booklet for comparison purposes or as a reminder of inks to purchase in future. If these babies don’t make you feel organized, nothing will.

Do place the included blotter behind the page on which you are writing to prevent ink from bleeding through to the next page. Swabs are most likely to offend in this manner so it isn’t a fault with the paper. Rather it is from the amount of ink deposited by the swab.

The holidays are coming and a pack of InkJournals would be a fine gift for the ink lover on your list. Throw in a couple of bottles of your favorite inky delights and what could make an inkophile happier!

More at Okami-Whatever: InkJournals and Pocket Blonde.

Thanks, Tom, for generously sending a packet of journals for review.


The New InkJournal Will Keep Your Inks All Sorted


Check it out fellow inkophiles: Pocket Blonde’s review of the new InkJournal available from Goldspot Pens.

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