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The Daycraft Slab Journal Is Golden


In anticipation of the holidays and the beginning of a new year, there are two products that I received from Daycraft some months ago that deserve special mention: the Slab Notebook and the Signature 2013 Diary.

Daycraft Gold Slab Notebook

Daycraft Gold Slab Notebook

Admittedly I’ve wanted one of the Gold Slab Notebooks since I first laid eyes on it. It really does look like a gold bar with its brilliant gold cover and gilt paper edges. The only clues that it isn’t what it looks like are the subtly embossed lettering on the cover and the tiny, discreetly embossed logo on the lower left side of the back cover. The front cover reads “Fine Gold” and “999.9 Pure Thinking” but I had to train a bright light at the right angle to read it. If something this large and gold colored could be called understated, the Gold Slab is it.

It is a chunky journal with 360 pages (back and front) but the paper cover keeps the weight manageable. It measures 6 1/4″ x 4 3/8″ x 3/4″. The 6.5 mm line spacing accommodates larger handwriting and the cream colored paper is easy on the eyes. The sewn binding is stitched in four places so the paper is sufficiently secure. The pages lay flat making it easy to write from margin to margin.

Again taking the concepts of subtle and discreet seriously, Daycraft has left each page to the writer’s imagination with the logo printed only once at the bottom of the final page. There are no prompts or hints or titles. Just lines to keep words orderly. Frankly, this shows a level of respect for the writer and the beautifully executed product. Kudos to Daycraft for treating us as adults.

So how does the Gold Slab handle writing instruments and ink? Everything I tested that would fit the line spacing worked very well on the smooth paper but with mixed results for fountain pen ink. There is a little feathering on close inspection but not enough to bother me. It is far better than Moleskine in that regard. However, there was show-through and bleed-through with some inks. A fine nib with a dry ink will yield the best results if you want to write on both sides of a page. If you are content with writing on just one side, then use any pen and ink you like. A blotter sheet behind the page on which you are writing will protect the next page and keep it pristine.

Daycraft Slab Notebook Writing Sample

Daycraft Slab Notebook Writing Sample

Daycraft Slab Notebook Writing Sample - Reverse

Daycraft Slab Notebook Writing Sample – Reverse

If you prefer a more natural, organic appearance, there is another version of the Slab but done in the look of wood.

Daycraft Wood Slab Notebook

Daycraft Wood Slab Notebook

Daycraft makes some of the best looking journals and diaries I’ve seen but you’ll have to order them online if you live in the U.S. The Slab Notebook is offered for $129 HKD or $17 USD at the current exchange rate. With free worldwide shipping, the Gold Slab journal would make a memorable gift. But order it now. You know how slow international shipping can be especially around the holidays.

A review of the Daycraft Signature 2013 Diary is now available.

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