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Inkophile Turned Six In May



  • Six years is a long time to survive on the Internet. Heck, it’s a long time compared to most marriages! But here we are, still friends, and sharing our enthusiasm for ink, pens, and paper. Thank you all for making this relationship last so long.
  • Did you know there have been 4,000 comments in that six years? My, my but you guys do love to chat me up. More, please!
  • A couple of years ago, I started posting about watercolor painting and some of you really took to that addition. For those of you who share my interest, there is a button in the sidebar that will make locating those posts easier though they will continue to appear in the main feed as well.
  •  Watch for giveaways over the summer. Consider the G. Lalo one in progress to be only the first.

G. Lalo Coreale Notecards And A Giveaway


According to The New York Times, “the handwritten gratitude intervention seems to be experiencing a moment of vogue.” What a stuffy way to say note cards are making a comeback! Regardless, from Jimmy Fallon to Ralph Lauren, this form of person to person connection is on the upswing and a welcome counter to the mechanical means of communication to which we have become all too accustomed.

Want to participate? Regardless of the tool with which you choose to write, quality counts so use a heavy card stock like G. Lalo Coreale Notecards. The paper is 250g card stock and features deckle edges. Coreale comes in Lagoon (blue), Taupe, Lilac, Fuchsia, Ivory and Grey in packets of ten cards with tissue-lined envelopes. The stock performs beautifully with fountain pen ink so no limits in that regard.

With five colors to express any sentiment and a few well chosen words, you can make a memorable impression, soothe a troubled friend, acknowledge a job well done, share a quote, make someone feel truly special or be a bit cheeky and really stand out.

Exaclair, U.S. distributor of G. Lalo products, is offering a giveaway to five Inkophile readers who want to try Coreale Notecards in Lagoon. To enter just post a comment and a sentence or two about how you would use them. This offer is open to residents of the U.S. only. One entry per person with five random winners to be selected on 5/31/2014 at 6pm PDT. Each winner will have until 6/15/2014 to respond. If not, a replacement winner will be selected.

Thanks, Karen, for the opportunity to try Coreale cards and sponsoring the giveaway. You’ve been a good friend to my blog. More reviews and giveaways to come.


51 Examples Of Matching Ink To Pen To Paper


Matching ink to pen to paper can be a long process and one that never ends. If this doesn’t convince you, nothing will. The sample below was started at least five years ago so rest assured I did not have 51 pens inked at the same time. Mind you that would be a lot of fun but even for me that’s over-the-top. My absolute upper limit was thirty during a heavy testing phase and it is not likely to get repeated. Well, at least not any time soon.

The stationery is Original Crown Mill Cream Laid from a close-out several years ago at Kate’s Paperie. The cream color has influenced the inks and given most of them an appealing warmth. The scans are unretouched so do not take the colors as accurate. What you can see is ink performance relative to the pen and texture of the paper. J. Herbin Bleu Pervenche with a Sailor 1911 fine is especially attractive but many others are lovely, too.

J. Herbin Bleu Pervenche on Original Crown Mill Station

J. Herbin Bleu Pervenche on Original Crown Mill Stationery

None of this is condemnation of any pen and ink duo. Those that did not perform well on this particular paper, do perform well elsewhere. But keeping a running record, reminds me which ones not to use in future. With a good flow of ink, Crown Mill does take forever to dry so be prepared to wait and wait and wait.

G. Lalo is another laid paper that is good with fountain pen ink as you can see in my review from 2009. Both brands of paper do best with a fine nib but there are exceptions like the two Mike Masuyama custom nibs with Noodler’s Ink in Beaver and Golden Brown.

My Original Crown Mill came in a box of 100 sheets and envelopes but these days comes in a pad of 50 sheets. The paper may have changed in the ensuing years and remarks on FPN and other websites indicate that it is currently more friendly to fountain pen ink.

Crown Mill can be found at Goulet while G. Lalo is available from a variety of sources including Kate’s Paperie and European Paper. Even my local art store carries it, not that I will need more stationery any time soon.

Warning: Click the images at your own peril. They are humongous!

Original Crown Mill Laid Paper Test Page 1

Original Crown Mill Laid Paper Test Page 1

Original Crown Mill Laid Paper Test Page 2

Original Crown Mill Laid Paper Test Page 2

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