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Sunday Reads: Pens And Inks By The Dozen


Saving my tea bags in case there’s a paper shortage…


Big Bad Fountain Pen Nibs


Here are some of the pens on my desk that have wide, stock nibs. None of them have received any tinkering. Purchase one, and you should see comparable performance.

The paper is Staples Bagasse that showed a little feathering with the wettest nibs. The worst offender was DeA Cola which has exhibited that fault on a few other brands of paper and the Duragraph which is certainly a free-flowing nib. Perhaps not the best combination, but I am still enamoured with it. The most well behaved was the Platinum Century Nice Pur B with Platinum Pigment Blue. No matter how long it goes unused, the nib flows without hesitation. Considering how many pens I have inked, that is a very, very good thing.



A New Batch Of Links


A bit of this and a bit of that…

St. Patrick’s Day is only a week away. Okay, I couldn’t pick just one, so green ink is in two pens on my desk. It was hard to choose, but J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage and Diamine Emerald won and I am thoroughly enjoying both.


Fountain Pen Nib Poll Results Are In


The fountain pen nib poll results were not what I expected. Unscientific to be sure, but manufacturers should take note. Medium nibs are not the sweet spot at least for Inkophile readers.

Your Favorite Fountain Pen Nib:
Extra-fine  24.29%
Fine  19.21%
Medium  19.21%
Italic  15.25%
Stub  11.86%
Broad  10.17%

An Abundance Of Links


Lots of links collected over the past few weeks. Some may be stale now, but there are plenty of fresh ones, too.

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