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Sunday Reads: A Variety of Videos and a Giveaway


YouTube was just the right speed for me this past week…



Pens, A Talking Dog, And Captain Kirk To The Rescue


Yep, it’s another links smorgasbord. So dig right in and enjoy the fare.

The performance starts at the 2 minute mark.


New Pen Art Links Added


A new category for links to Pen Art blogs and websites has been added to the sidebar but it’s tiny at the moment. Please help expand the list by posting your suggestions in the comments to this post.

Thank you!


Calling All Fountain Pen Artists


Are you a fountain pen artist or do you know of one? I’d like to add a section to the sidebar with links to sites that feature art created with fountain pens. It doesn’t have to be fountain pens exclusively but something that is featured frequently.

Calligraphic art is also welcome whether executed with a fountain pen or a dip nib or even a brush. This category already has a sidebar seat, but that list could be expanded.

Just add a comment with your nominees and I’ll sort through them over the next few days. Thanks, guys!


Moleskine, Noodler’s Ink, And Other Assorted Links


Like a box of fancy chocolates, this assortment may take some time to get through…

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