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What’s Your Favorite Ink Or Pen?


Do you ever get asked what’s your favorite ink or pen? That’s a tough question when there is so much variety on the market but still people ask.

“Can I answer with my three favorites?”

“Nope, I really want to know your top choice. Betcha can’t pick just one!”

“Okay, but this is only my choice at this moment and subject to change in a heartbeat.”

Then there are those who ask what’s your favorite item within a brand. Even that can be hard to answer. Here’s the list but only for manufacturers for which I really do have a preferred ink or pen.

  • Rohrer & Klingner: Solferino
  • Noodler’s Ink: Black Swan in Australian Roses
  • Diamine: Sepia
  • Iroshizuku: tsuki-yo
  • J. Herbin: Lie de Thé
  • De Atramentis: Stihlblau (steel blue)
  • Stipula: Verde Muschiato
  • Caran D’Ache: Storm
  • Private Reserve: Avacado
  • Montblanc: Racing Green (discontinued)
  • Parker Penman: Ruby (discontinued)
  • Waterman: Blue-Black
  • Platinum: Pigment Blue
  • Sailor: Brown (discontinued)
  • Namiki: Blue
  • Sailor: 1911 (the full-sized model)
  • Platinum: #3776 Century B
  • Pilot: Custom Black Stripe (discontinued), Custom 742 (current model)
  • Namiki: Falcon SB
  • Levenger: Kyoto True Writer
  • Lamy: Vista 1.1mm
  • Pelikan: M215
  • Montblanc: 220 OB (discontinued)
  • Esterbrook: Gray, double jewel “J” with a 9128 nib

Since turn about is fair play, what are your favorites?

Some of My Favorite Inks

Some of My Favorite Inks


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