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Favorite Iroshizuku Ink Poll Results


Ink lovers have spoken and the results are in for the Iroshizuku poll. Tsuki-yo and Yama-budo tied for favorite with Kon-peki just a step behind. Asa-gao came in next with Shin-kai and Ku-jaku tied for fourth place. Every color earned votes so there are no losers in this line of inks.

Polls on Inkophile are about you so I never vote in them. However, Tsuki-yo, Ku-jaku, and Syo-ro are my top three although I own bottles of fewer than half of the colors. Perhaps one I don’t own would make my short list. Ina-ho looks promising. Which one will you buy next?


Poll: Which Is Your Favorite Brand Of Ink?


Do you have a favorite brand of fountain pen ink? Then this poll’s for you.

Can’t choose just one? You can vote for as many as three making this poll highly unscientific but fun nonetheless.

The choices are limited to brands currently available though some boutique brands are not listed. Select “Other” if you love one of them and add a comment with its name so other inkophiles can see what they are missing.

This poll will close on 1/3/2012.

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