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A Boatload of Paper


Late last week I received a box of paper products from a friend who shares my paper hoarding affliction. You know the symptoms. Buy tons of paper retail, on sale, discounted, whatever, but often in quantity with hopes one product will be so ideal for fountain pen ink that you experience a state of bliss whenever you see, touch or put a pen to it. Not sure if that is over the top or dead-on, but if it sounds familiar, you are in good company.

Here is the dilemma I faced over the weekend.

Where to begin with so many choices? I finally gave myself a nudge and removed one plastic wrapper. But that’s as far as I got. The journals just looked too perfect to abuse with scribbles and such.

However, reviews take hands-on experience. So after the wrappers are removed, pen and ink tests will follow for writing paper and watercolor tests for the art paper. Call it initiation. Those that pass, join the hoard. Those that don’t, land in the giveaway box. On occasion, a format doesn’t thrill me, so even good paper can get tossed. It’s a simple system even though my collection seems to expand no matter what I do.

But isn’t that a good thing?


A Fabriano Artist’s Journal Meets a Few Pens


This is not your average journal. Made for artists the Fabriano Artist’s Journal does well with a variety of media. But does it play well with fountain pens and inks?

Fabriano Artist's Journal Ink Test

Fabriano Artist’s Journal Ink Test

The paper has some tooth but it still works well with most nibs and every ink loved it. There was absolutely no bleed through or show through. With a tiny bit of encouragement, the journal will lie flat and has a simple ribbon bookmark for those of us who get lost in our work. With 192 pages of Ingres drawing paper, there is a lot of surface area for whatever thrills you. Because the paper is heavy, the overall depth of the journal is a full inch even with the slim cardboard cover. For some people this will be awfully thick for comfortable writing but I love the quality enough to work around that issue. My doodles fit fine in the 5″ x 7″ size but the 7″ x 9″ might be better for a real artist.

The Fabriano Artist’s Journal is not as easy to find as a Moleskine but there are online sources. Dick Blick has a few but a search produced several other sources as well. Prices vary but there are good deals for the budget conscious.

If your only interest is writing, the Fabriano might not be a great fit. But if you like to doodle, draw or add a little art to your writing, this could be a great journal for your arsenal.

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