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Sunday Reads: Ink, Pens And Paper


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Fountain Pens And The Long, Hot Summer


My fountain pens have grown annoyed with me. They get filled with colorful inks and then languish in the summer heat for lack of use. Even after winnowing the abused few to only five or six, they get far too little playtime to remain content. In fact since acquiring a laptop, and more recently finding my enthusiasm for writing in a journal on the wane, fountain pens do not get their due.

To shake things up over the summer, I’ve dedicated a lined, Clairefontaine notebook to exercising fountain pens. Nothing special save filling pages with alphabets and nonsense though I intend to explore styles of calligraphy as the days progress. Italics and flexible nibs will get the most time in hand since they need extra practice. First up is a Namiki Falcon SF with Diamine Teal. The Waterman pens are sure to follow.

Do you change your routine during summer beyond modifying your ink wardrobe? How do you keep things fresh in the sweltering heat?

Note: The stone is from the River Jordan and quite accustomed to summer heat. In fact it remains cool no matter what goes on around it. Food for thought.


Noodler’s Navy Ink And Some Color Mates


Noodler’s Navy has been around for ages, but I only acquired a sample recently. The color is in my favorite green-blue range, so that makes it a keeper and since it’s Noodler’s, good value as well.

Noodler's Navy Fountain Pen Ink

Navy has good flow and coverage, though it isn’t especially lubricating. It is slow to dry so a leftie might not love it. A small amount of distilled water could speed things up, but that’s not a certainty. Oddly all of the inks I have tested in this color family dry more slowly than I would prefer, but wide nibs do tend to lay down a generous swath. It’s a hazard, but a blotter makes it a small issue.

Did I mention it has shading? Lots of it on Rhodia, but less so in my Apica 6A10 journal which has more absorbent paper. Some inks shade on everything, but Navy doesn’t seem to be one of them.

Green-Blue Inks Comparison

The color is very similar to Iroshizuku tsuki-yo but darker. Of the six in the sample, Noodler’s Navy might be the best for general use considering the cost and pleasing color. Hard to go wrong with this one.

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