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Sunday Reads: Passwords, Turquoise And Dogs


If nothing else, click the first link. Words fail me…


Do You Favor Any Of These Inks?


Introduced mostly through mutual friends, these are the inks that have captured my fancy this year:

  • Akkerman #18 Garuda Road
  • Akkerman #24 Zuiderpark Blauw-Groen
  • Akkerman #28 Hofkwartier Groen
  • Akkerman #26 Groenmarkt Smaragd
  • De Atramentis Cola Ink
  • Diamine Marine
  • Diamine Merlot
  • Diamine Tyrian Purple
  • Diamine Wild Strawberry
  • J. Herbin Rouge Caroubier
  • Noodler’s Park Red
  • Platinum Mixable Ink Aqua Blue
  • Platinum Mixable Ink Silky Purple
  • Platinum Pigment Rose
  • Sailor Miruai
  • Sailor Souten
  • Stipula Calamo Saffron
  • Super 5 Dublin

Two old favorites reemerged as good mates for a variety of pens.

  • Noodler’s Purple Martin
  • Stipula Calamo Verde Muschiato

Are any of these inks in your rotation? Which inks in your collection have emerged as special this year?

A big thank you to the folks who contributed to my wealth of new inks:


Colorful Ink Makes My Day


More of the gifted inks from Beth Treadway. Doesn’t color just make your day?


Fountain Pen Inks That Celebrate Autumn Colors


Sometimes the inks in my rotation do a little ink dance in my daily journal. The steps consist of the ink name plus a doodle that shows the ink color to good advantage.

My most recent ink and pen duos were chosen at random and include a few favorites plus several inks that warranted testing in pens different from their last outings. None of those former couples were wedded but rather suffered ill-fated flings. Time to be a bit more successful at matchmaking.

To my surprise and without planning, my rotation took on the colors of autumn. I have no idea how that happened but the result is quite pleasing.

Autumn Inks

Autumn Inks

Pens in order from top to bottom:

  • Pelikan M215, custom cursive italic
  • Levenger True Writer, Masuyama stub
  • Lamy Safari, custom fine cursive italic
  • Levenger True Writer, Masuyama cursive italic
  • Namiki Falcon (resin), Soft Fine
  • Pilot Elite Socrates pocket pen, Fine
  • Levenger True Writer, Fine
  • Lamy AL-Star, Oblique Broad
  • Lamy Vista, 1.1mm italic
  • Lamy AL-Star, custom fine italic

Notes: Montblanc Racing Green has been discontinued and Noodler’s FPN Dumas Tulipe Noire was a limited edition release. Noodler’s #41 Brown is the original formulation – not the one currently available. The Pilot pocket pen was made in 1976 but all of the other pens are current models. The paper is Strathmore Windpower Sketch. It’s a bit toothy for fountain pens but excellent for swabs and doodles.


A Dozen Links From Montblanc To Doctor Who


No claims of boredom with this much variety…


A Little Ink History For The True Geek


History really does put things in perspective. Look at the years in which some well-known companies began offering ink. To be sure this is only a partial list compared to the number of labels on the market but it is still a good sampling. Whether you like these particular brands or not, the companies are doing something right to endure. Kudos to all of them.

  • Aurora – 1919
  • De Atramentis – 1988
  • Diamine – 1864
  • J. Herbin – 1670
  • Noodler’s Ink – 2004?
  • Parker – 1931
  • Pelikan – 1838
  • Private Reserve – 1998
  • Rohrer & Klingner – 1892
  • Sheaffer – 1922
  • Waterman – 189?

Iroshizuku Price Increase + An Inky Poll


Actually, it is more accurate to say that Pilot is demanding retailers adhere to the company’s pricing structure of $35 retail. A 20% discount is being offered at some stores dropping the price to $28 but I don’t know how long that will continue.

The good news is that more companies are offering Iroshizuku so availability has greatly improved. In the past Jet Pens had the best deal at $22.50 with free U.S. shipping for orders over $25. Two bottles for $45 neat is as good as it gets stateside but that will end this month. So if price is a factor in your ink purchases, load up while you can.

Much as I like Iroshizuku, whether for its lovely colors or its other fine properties, there are many terrific inks on the market at a fraction of the cost. So don’t feel left out if  this high priced ink doesn’t fit your budget or your sense of value for money. I’ve been exploring Rohrer & Klingner recently and to a lesser extent De Atramentis*. So far I am very happy with R&K and count three colors amongst my new favorites. DeA is a huge line and I’ve only tried a few but have already found two that are great colors for my collection. Do read my remarks below before purchasing this brand.

No doubt you can find many suitable inks without forking over the price of a Lamy AL-Star fountain pen just for a single bottle. Or you can buy three bottles of an ink with less cachet and a more utilitarian shape for the retail price of a single bottle of Iroshizuku. Well, if you love ink, isn’t that the part that counts?

*There might be an issue with contamination of some De Atramentis inks as discussed at Fountain Pen Network today. I am not ready to condemn the line on the basis of one report extensively documented though it may be. I will post if/when I learn more.

However, based on that one report, I examined two samples of Stihlblau, a color I really love, and found one to be fine while the other has particles in it. Since they are samples and could have been contaminated by handling, this is not a condemnation. But it is a caveat emptor situation.

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