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Sunday Reads: Pen, Paper, Ink, and Pretty Pit Bulls


Curious about the new TWSBI Go? Pure Pens has the details for you. Mountain of Ink explains ink properties and The Well-Appointed Desk discovered a couple of worthy comp books. As if I need more paper…


The Comp Book Gets An Upgrade


Ana at The Well-Appointed Desk has the details about a Kickstarter campaign for a fountain pen-friendly composition book called comp. Interested? Who doesn’t have a fondness for that reminder of the good old days at school. Filling one was such an accomplishment. The paper quality was good enough for my Sheaffer school pens, but my efforts to find something comparable in recent years have resulted in a paper pile that is good only for collecting dust. comp promises to change all that.

In addition to high quality paper, the form is superior to the junk on office supply shelves. Good paper – good form. Then there is the tote, but you’ll have to click through to see what that’s about.

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