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The Need To Ink


If we can only wield one fountain pen at a time, why do we ink so many? Variety in pen style and nib shape might justify a few, but not the huge number some of us wind up with despite the best of intentions. Is ink the true seductress?

These days, my activities rarely require more than one or two pens for daily writing and seldom more than three for an extended session. Once my choice has been made and the words flow, it’s full steam ahead with whatever is in hand. That hardly explains the number typically inked in the tray on my desk.

Often my fascination with color overrides my common sense and a quick dozen pens get filled before I put on the brakes. Add that to my core rotation and presto there are twenty at the ready. That is far and away too many, but it is incredibly satisfying.

But if I ink only one or two, would the other pens get sad or feel neglected or even jealous? The cacophony coming from the pen drawer would be downright distracting and might drive poor Macy crazy with her canine ear for the tiniest sound. A fly two rooms away makes her head flip around with astonishing speed. She already chatters more than any dog ought to and the jabbering of the pen crew would no doubt set her off all too easily. Now if she would just bark, growl and mutter in vermillion, aubergine and cornflower blue, I would be delighted to encourage her antics. In neutral tones, not so much.

How do you cope with the need to ink and the excess on your desk? Do your pens shout for attention or do you have a complacent crew?


Confessions of a Color Addict


Time to ‘fess up. Color is my weakness especially when it comes to the liquid applied to paper variety. Fountain pen ink and watercolor paint not only grab my interest but keep it glued to their gorgeous hues. If only I could make a living working with them or creating them or anything that would keep us close, I would be thrilled.

Last weekend was the perfect example of what happens when I let my addiction run amok. Despite a number of interruptions, I spent nearly an entire day working with swatches, catalogs, samples, tubes and bottles as well as color theory and new palette combinations. Not such a big deal on a weekend but it is easy despite pressing matters to get lost for a weekday evening the same way. Addictions are like that.

A Summer Palette of Inks

A Summer Palette of Inks
Swabs of Diamine Sepia, Diamine Maroon, Caran d’Ache Caribbean Sea, Diamine Royal Blue, and Sailor Gray

Admittedly ink attracts me in a different way than watercolor for ink needs no alteration. Straight from the bottle and plied with a pen, its best qualities come to light. Not that watercolor doesn’t look beautiful directly from a pan or tube, but it is made for mixing. A simple palette of three colors, red, blue, and yellow, can produce a rainbow of hues. Bump that up to a dozen colors and the sky’s the limit.

Five tube colors produced these results and that from a rank novice to be sure.

Watercolor Palette Derived From Five Colors

Watercolor Palette Derived From Five Colors
Cheap Joe’s American Journey Cadmium Yellow Light, Indian Red, Ultramarine Blue, Raw Sienna, and Burnt Umber across the top with mixes below.

There is no help for this addiction but I should like to put it to better use. I’m open to suggestions…

Oh, have you an interest in watercolor? I have a few unused travel sets to sell now that I’ve moved on to creating my own kits with tube paints and old paint boxes. Contact me at inkophile*at* for more info.

See also Glorious Color from Inkophile on Pinterest.

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