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Sunday Reads: Coffee, Ebonite, And Vinyls


Pressing records again? New ebonite pens? Bedding made from coffee grounds? What’ll they think of next!

Waterman’s 54 with Pink Nib


A Few Links From Coffee To Ink


Always an enabler, but Leigh outdid herself this time…

You gave me a bath. Now let me go to sleep already!


Coffee, Tea And Wrapping Gifts


The gift wrapping hack blew me away. Two packages in 28 seconds?

I don’t always drink tea, but when I do, it’s usually Earl Grey.


Newest Lamy AL-Star in Coffee Brown


Finally a brown Lamy AL-Star though I’ve read it is more bronze than dark brown. It hasn’t hit the U.S. quite yet but it already has a place on my latest wishlist. Martin at The Writing Desk says it’s available in Europe so if you must be first on your block, that’s the place to go. Otherwise, Art Brown has it arriving in May, 2010 so expect it at your favorite retailer soon.

Lamy AL-Star in Coffee Brown

Lamy AL-Star in Coffee Brown

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