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Pinkly Inks On Clairefontaine GraF it Sketch Paper


Take these colors with a grain of salt or skepticism, whichever suits.

Ink on Clairefontaine GraF it pad

Swatches were painted with a small watercolor brush and lettering with a Brause dip nib.


That Fountain Pen Is Too Much Trouble


Sometimes filling a fountain pen is overkill for the project at hand. On such occasions, even a partial fill would be excessive and then there is the chore of cleaning a fountain pen. This is the time to break out a dip pen.

Dip nibs, R&K Blau Permanent, Clairefontaine Graf it

Ebonite Dipless Dip Pen, Brause Bandzug 1.1mm nib, J. Herbin Glass Pen, cotton swab, and toothpick with Rohrer & Klingner Blau Permanent on Clairefontaine GraF it 90g paper.

My favorite dip pen is an ebonite model with a feed. It came with a fine nib that requires only one dip to produce up to a full page of writing. For an inkophile, it’s a great tool to satisfy a fickle nature.

When only a few words or a swash of color is needed, there are kits from Brause and other companies that offer some amazing nibs. A simple plastic or wooden holder will do for such limited use.

The J. Herbin glass pen is my choice for testing a tiny amount of ink though I’ve never gotten the hang of it for writing more than a few words. Glass is so easy to clean that I find myself using it despite any drawbacks.

If a small dab will reveal the color’s character, a cotton swab dipped in ink will do the trick. Even a toothpick can put down a valuable squiggle.

So don’t fill it. Dip it when a small amount of ink will do the job.

More at The Times of India, Andy’s Varuna Dip Pens, and Ranga Ebonite Dip Pens.

Pictured are bottles of Rohrer & Klingner Solferino, J. Herbin Vert Olive, and Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku, pads of G. Lalo (samples from PenandCo.) and Rhodia paper, a 1970′s Montblanc 220 fountain pen with an OB nib, an Ebonite Dipless Dip Pen, and a pen wrap from

Pentel Libretto Pen Sets For Cyber Monday And Beyond


Sometimes even an inkophile has to look at other options and Pentel gave me just that opportunity with an offer to review the Libretto pen and pencil set.

Pentel Libretto Pen Set

Pentel Libretto Pen Set

The new Libretto features a sleek metal barrel accented with elegant silver trim. The sets are available in Black, Crème or Silver barrels and include a 0.7mm roller gel pen (black ink) and a 0.5 mm pencil preloaded with five (5) Super Hi-Polymer™ leads. The pen is refillable with any color KFR7 ink refill from Pentel.

Pentel Libretto Written Sample

Pentel Libretto Written Sample

Both instruments are easy to carry and work perfectly right out of the box. The sample was written on Rhodia paper without a warm up and shows none of the globs of ink that some gel pens deposit. The pen definitely works best on very smooth paper and needs a little time to fully dry. It didn’t smear with normal writing but could more readily with a thick application. In fact, the longer I used it the better it wrote. The Super Hi-Polymer™ lead is very smooth and works nicely for writing as well as layered drawing. Both the pen and the mechanical pencil are well-balanced. Stainless pens are often too heavy for me but this set is not.

If you hesitate to loan a fountain pen to someone who might be too rough with it, tuck this set in your handbag or brief case for a sturdy substitute. I love my fountain pens, but the Libretto would be an easy choice for air travel. Need a gift for a teacher or co-worker? The Libretto will impress with its sleek, professional style and silver-toned trim. I am partial to white paired with silver and find the Crème version especially attractive. Of course, the black and silver models have universal appeal so you can’t go wrong with any of them.

These sets will be available on just in time for Cyber Monday, see here:!

Tessa did a quick sketch to test the rollerball on Clairefontaine GraF it Sketch 90g.

Pentel Libretto Gel Pen Sketch by Tessa Maurer

Pentel Libretto Gel Pen Sketch
by Tessa Maurer

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