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Fountain Pen Inks That Celebrate Autumn Colors


Sometimes the inks in my rotation do a little ink dance in my daily journal. The steps consist of the ink name plus a doodle that shows the ink color to good advantage.

My most recent ink and pen duos were chosen at random and include a few favorites plus several inks that warranted testing in pens different from their last outings. None of those former couples were wedded but rather suffered ill-fated flings. Time to be a bit more successful at matchmaking.

To my surprise and without planning, my rotation took on the colors of autumn. I have no idea how that happened but the result is quite pleasing.

Autumn Inks

Autumn Inks

Pens in order from top to bottom:

  • Pelikan M215, custom cursive italic
  • Levenger True Writer, Masuyama stub
  • Lamy Safari, custom fine cursive italic
  • Levenger True Writer, Masuyama cursive italic
  • Namiki Falcon (resin), Soft Fine
  • Pilot Elite Socrates pocket pen, Fine
  • Levenger True Writer, Fine
  • Lamy AL-Star, Oblique Broad
  • Lamy Vista, 1.1mm italic
  • Lamy AL-Star, custom fine italic

Notes: Montblanc Racing Green has been discontinued and Noodler’s FPN Dumas Tulipe Noire was a limited edition release. Noodler’s #41 Brown is the original formulation – not the one currently available. The Pilot pocket pen was made in 1976 but all of the other pens are current models. The paper is Strathmore Windpower Sketch. It’s a bit toothy for fountain pens but excellent for swabs and doodles.


Noodler’s Cayenne Ink


Now this is something spicy absolutely anyone can love: Noodler’s Cayenne Ink. Lily from Jet Pens sent a bottle for an inky review and I must say the online swatches do not do it justice. This is a very rich, orangey red that is just a tad darker than its namesake and as red as the deepest tones in Apache Sunset. That is the only ink in my collection that comes close to the color of Cayenne though Cayenne is an orange-red and Apache Sunset a red-orange.

Noodler's Cayenne Ink

Noodler's Cayenne Ink

Unlike some Noodler’s inks, Cayenne is clear with no cloudiness or undissolved particles. With a wide nib the flow is good and drying time moderate on Rhodia with intermittent shading though not in a class with Apache Sunset. It exhibited no bleed-through and only a modest amount of show-through which is attributable to thin paper rather than any fault with the ink. Lubrication is average and coverage very good which rounds out the properties

Now here’s the sweet part. Cayenne is surprisingly good on slightly absorbent paper with great performance on Office Depot 24# Inkjet. If you want a unique ink for grading papers, this might just be the one. I saw no feathering on inexpensive notebook paper except under magnification and the drying time was very good even with a Lamy Vista 1.1 mm italic. A fine nib should have no problem on such low grade paper.

If you like your red ink warm and spicy, Noodler’s Cayenne could  be just the one to put a little heat in your rotation. It certainly kicked things up a notch in my daily journal making doodles and squiggles appear all over formerly nice, neat pages.

Ha! Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Noodler's Cayenne Ink

Noodler's Cayenne Ink

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