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Ink Links Plus Flower And Bird Photos


Totally on topic this week…

Outside my kitchen window, a late blooming camellia is attracting a lot of attention especially from the hummingbirds who nest in my yard every year. The hummers were reluctant to pose hence the old photos, but the flowers were less flighty if a bit bouncy riding on the March winds.


The Hummingbirds At My Window


My Anna’s Hummingbirds have returned to their annual spring residence, the camellia that frames my kitchen window. Each day they greet me with a mid-air dance as they spy on my kitchen activities. I suspect by now they could brew an admirable cup of Earl Gray tea after so many years of watching my routine.

When I go outdoors they zoom past and land on a branch at eye-level, watching to see what has attracted me to their domain and to insure I do not molest their nest, something far too tiny to find. No doubt it is in the camellia but well-hidden amidst the foliage and pink-striped flowers.

Did you know hummers are the only birds that fly backwards? Last week at dusk, I saw the hen dive-bomb a fat finch who had invaded her territory as the birds settled in warm, protected branches. Zoom, retreat, zoom, retreat. The finch was unimpressed but eventually took off for a less challenging roost. Satisfied that the interloper had been vanquished, the hen returned to her hidden home. All’s well for another night.

Certainly we don’t need to hit reverse as often as a hummingbird, but being able to change course easily can be an asset. In addition being fearless attacking a perceived enemy speaks of courage, another admirable quality. It is awe-inspiring what even the smallest creatures can do.

Anna's Hummingbird In Camellia Tree

Anna’s Hummingbird In Camellia Tree

Image courtesy of Tessa Rose Maurer.

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