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There’s A Problem With My Platinum Century Pen


My beautiful Platinum #3776 Century Nice has a problem. Due to the “Slip & Seal” mechanism, ink never dries out. The pen can lay idle for months and months and still write without hesitation. Knowing it is so trouble-free, I often forget it is inked. Not for the first time, it has been filled for so long that I have completely forgotten which ink is in it. My log has been no help. The ink is a medium brown that works very well with the rose gold appointments and medium nib. The combination is so well-matched that it bears repeating, if only I was certain of the ink.

After delving into my archives, I found a photo of the pen along with others in rotation a year ago that says at that time, it was filled with Noodler’s Kiowa Pecan. Can it really have been filled for a year and write perfectly without a single skip? Perhaps I have forgotten an ink change and that brings into question the ink that is currently in it. Is it NKP or something else?

It may not be Kiowa Pecan, but that ink will do for the next fill of the Platinum Century. Plus my recording of which pen is filled with which ink needs to more consistent. How do you keep track of pens and inks? Suggestions are welcome.


This One Puts The Competition To Shame


Admittedly a brush pen can lay down ink in a way that a fountain pen cannot, so don’t expect your trusty pen to produce such amazing shading. But you can expect better than average results with Noodler’s Kiowa Pecan ink.

The pen is a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen on Stillman & Birn Epsilon Sketchbook paper which is a warm white despite the gray look of the images. Every time I put this pen and ink combination together in my Doodle Journal the results are outstanding. Even without using a brush pen, Kiowa Pecan has made every pen it has graced look good. The only caveat is drying time, but just where the ink deposit is very thick. From a standard nib, it dries on par with comparable Noodler’s inks.

Other brown inks may get the fanfare, but Kiowa Pecan makes my top ten list ahead of all the others. Nathan really outdid himself on this creation. Yes, indeed.


A Little Diamine In My Pen


Diamine has always offered excellent ink and in recent years expanded to offer one of the most varied color catalogs in inkdom. So I was happy to accept a bottle of Raw Sienna from Jet Pens for review.

The substantial Diamine range of browns makes it difficult to settle on just one favorite, but Raw Sienna makes my short list along with Sepia, Dark Brown and Chocolate Brown. The latter is the most saturated and the slowest to dry, but those two characteristics tend to happen together. Sepia and Dark Brown have gone in and out of my regular rotation for at least eight years

Then there is Raw Sienna. It is a neutral, medium shade that shows no ghosting or bleed-through on the usual assortment of papers. It takes magnification to see just a tiny amount of feathering or imperfect outlines on pineapple or copy paper. No issues on high quality paper so don’t let the fuzz put you off.

The color swatches around the ink’s name are watercolors applied with a brush. The purpose was to see how well the ink color matches the name. It lacks the orange hue of raw sepia watercolor and is closer to burnt umber. However, there is no law that says an ink name must have any relationship to reality and whose reality would it match anyway.

Diamine Raw Sienna is understated and makes a good match for a wide nib especially since it has some shading to offer. Highly saturated, bright colors demand attention, while Raw Sienna invites a cozy friendship. A page of it says the writer took the time to select an easy to read color that is warm and relaxed. You can send me a letter in it anytime.


What Does Fountain Pen Ink Have To Do With Chocolate?


Such a range of browns! Hard to pick just one but for my spring rotation, it will be Diamine Chocolate Brown with a firm nib and Noodler’s Beaver or Kiowa Pecan with a flex nib. Which one would you choose?

Comparison of Brown Inks

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