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Moleskine And Fountain Pen Ink


Another test with Moleskine and fountain pen ink, but this time with italic nibs. Noodler’s Blue Eel isn’t bad though the bleed-through limits writing to only one side of the paper. Noodler’s Black paired with a Pilot Prera and a Plumix medium italic nib performed so well that there wasn’t even a dot of bleed-through. […]


A Bargain Journal That Beats Moleskine Paper


Get your hard-earned cash ready, but it won’t take much of it to buy this Swinton journal. The medium-sized one I bought today beats the pants off Moleskine paper and the photo proves it. The Chinese paper is heavier than Moleskine and feels lightly coated. No feathering and only the Rohrer & Klingner produced very […]


Lots of Links From Moleskine to Ink to Art


So much good stuff out there. Where to start… Dare you to read this and not crack up! (h/t Mona) The Well-Appointed Desk: Paul South: Lefty Notepad Calligram by Leigh Reyes American bourbon now better than Scottish whiskey: U.K.-born expert Edison Pen Co.: A Double-Ended Pen? Why Not? EastWestEverywhere: A note on fountain pen friendly […]


Hot Links From Moleskine To Wet Dogs – Really!


It was a very distracting week… Killer bee attack saves a woman’s life and inspires amazing product Life Imitates Doodles: Creating Art at the Speed of Life Jet Pens: Moleskine Travelling Collection Shell Cases Wet Dogs It’s Thanksgiving So We Asked Brits To Label The United States — We’re So Sorry, America Notebooks Stories: Moleskine Postal […]


Moleskine Volant vs A Cheap Notebook Called Greenroom


Never one to skip perusing the paper products aisle, two weeks ago a couple of notebooks caught my interest at Target. One was the Moleskine Volant in pink and magenta for $5.99 and a very colorful Greenroom recycled notebook for a mere $1.99. How do they compare? The Volant comes in a set of two, […]


Links From Moleskine To Neil Gaiman To Doctor Who


If ever there was an eclectic group of links, this is it. Nock Co. – Pen Cases Hand Made In The USA Jean Madden “Winter Jewels” – Watercolor meets realism Neil Gaiman and the Lamy Goldspot Pens Pen of the Year Cult Pens: Pens for Kids Mitografia makes best use of a Moleskine here and […]


A Moleskine, A Pelikan, And Waterman Ink


Did the Moleskine, the Pelikan, and Waterman ink play well together? Not bad at all. To be accurate, that is a Moleskine reporter notebook, a Pelikan M400 (not a 600) sporting a fine nib adjusted to increase the flow, and Waterman Florida Blue ink. There is a very mild amount of feathering, but only noticeable […]