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Anna’s Hummingbird At My Window


After a month of attempts to photograph her, this little lady finally decided to pose for me. The feather detail in the enlarged image turned out well and will provide a good range of colors for ink and watercolor matching.


A Few Links And A Finch


Useful articles from last week…

This little House Finch has been tapping at my window for two days as his mate watches from a nearby fence. What can he possibly see inside that is so intriguing?


Happy Thanksgiving!



Links To Enliven A Quiet Day


Just in case you have some free time today…


You write the caption…


It’s A Hummer


As incongruous as it may seem for winter, a hummingbird appeared for all of two seconds at my window this morning. It was not one of my old friends who used to perch on a camellia branch to chat for a minute or two, but a new member of the tribe without interest in a a wingless biped. It is an understandable bias that I hope she will ignore. A nest in a nearby tree would provide much appreciated entertainment and inspiration during the overcast weeks ahead.

Come back, little one, and bathe in the admiration and appreciation I will send your way.


Even A Bird Can Enjoy A Good Ride


Pink, Meet Greens!


My ink rotation is looking a bit somber for the almost-spring weather with its blue skies and 65° of warmth. Tuesday’s snow has melted from the surrounding mountains. One neighbor’s gardener is whacking off tree limbs while the house across the street is getting demolished in favor of a boring, modern structure. It is far too noisy to hear the birds but they are around even if drowned out by the blare of machinery. Their chatter can be heard in the early morning before the sound of man takes over so with certainty they have returned. New growth is sparse yet, but that lack of color can be remedied by some vivid hues in my pens.

Rohrer & Klingner Solferino is my annual choice for the ink that announces the retreat of winter. To complement that jolt of pink, a green is in order. For comparison, I swabbed a few available options on a sheet of Strathmore Windpower Sketch paper. None of these inks look wrong but a few look more right than others. Which green would you choose?

  • Diamine Emerald
  • Diamine Kelly Green
  • Diamine Sherwood
  • Diamine Ultra Green
  • Diamine Umber
  • Diamine Woodland
  • Iroshizuku shin-ryoku
  • J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage
  • J. Herbin Vert Empire
  • Montblanc Racing Green
  • Rohrer & Klingner Verdura
  • Private Reserve Avacado
  • Sailor Epinard
Pink, Meet Green Inks!

Pink, Meet Green Inks!


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