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Sunday Pen Links Plus A Silly Puppy


It was a pen and ink week…



Ink – Good To The Last Drop


Want to make the most of the last few drops of ink in a sample bottle? A small brush will do the trick. Leigh recommended the Princeton Snap for calligraphic brush work and it is great at doodling with ink as well. Wet the brush and dip it into the ink. Then write or scribble in a journal or decorate stationery or make greeting cards or one of a kind gift wrap. There are tons of possibilities.

Just be creative and be willing to experiment. And don’t judge your efforts harshly. This is for you and it’s just for fun.

Diamine Havasu Turquoise in a Stillman & Birn Epsilon Sketchbook applied with a Princeton Snap #4 watercolor brush.



Limited Release Of Old Sailor Inks


It was mentioned today at FPN that in March there will be a limited reissue of eight discontinued Sailor inks. I have used three and like them all.

Phthalo sent samples of Sakura-Mori and Waka-Uguisu a number of years ago. Those samples fall into the rationed ink category and get used at the rate of mere drops on special occasions. Sakura-Mori is quite pale, but a pretty color. Waka-Uguisu is very similar to Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrun. Jet Pens sent a bottle of Yaki-Akari in 2010 that has been mentioned in a number of posts as a lovely ink from a wide nib in a clear demonstrator. That would hold true for the other inks as well.

In my opinion, Sailor has made too little effort to supply the U.S. market with its excellent ink so I don’t expect to see it flooding local shelves. If any of the colors appeal to you, grab it should you get the opportunity. Sailor isn’t likely to disappoint.





Pen Links Including The End Of Omas


The demise of Omas is sad, but not unexpected. If you’ve always wanted one of their pens, grab it while you still can…


Fountain Pen Ink Survey


Sugna on FPN has posted a survey about fountain pen ink with a drawing for a bottle of Montblanc JFK Navy Blue. The survey is for academic purposes and should take less than two minutes to complete. Wanna play along?


What Color Was Your Day?


Alexandra at FPN wondered yesterday if it is time to switch to spring ink. The temperature was 88 degrees here suggesting Diamine Meadow and J. Herbin Rose Cyclamen. Today it is 63 degrees and gloriously gloomy à la Iroshizuku fuyu-syogun. Perhaps at sunset, the clouds will break allowing pink or peach to emerge and complement the current shade of gray. Spring colors are on the way even if not today.

What color was your day?


Playing With Color


Color is seductive and playing with it mesmerizing. Ink and pen are wonderful tools for exploring the possibilities. However, in recent weeks, transparent watercolors have monopolized my playtime.

Watercolors are rated transparent, semi-transparent, semi-opaque and opaque. This kit is comprised of transparent colors only and will get months of modification and winnowing to a smaller, more manageable number.

Yesterday, I accidentally discovered that Quinacridone Rose and Quinacridone Gold can be combined to make a flesh tone that is perfect for distant figures in landscapes. Such a valuable mix is like discovering gold. Note that in this kit both Quinacridone Burnt Orange and Burnt Sienna can be diluted for flesh tones, but Quin Rose with Quin Gold has a little more depth.

Another recent experiment, this time creating neutrals, was equally productive and confirmed that Burnt Sienna belongs in all of my palettes. Combined with Phthalo Blue or Ultramarine Blue, it produces neutrals with dimension and subtlety as did Transparent Pyrrol Orange with Phthalo Blue.

Yesterday, I paired an unexplored color from Daniel Smith called Mayan Red with a variety of transparent paints to see what would happen. The resulting brown and some of the orange colors were especially attractive finds.

The point of all this is that making your own colors whether with paint or ink is a mini-adventure worth the time and effort. Though not looking for anything in particular, some good things certainly turned up. They are reminders to think in new terms and be playful with my toys. Second childhood anyone?



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