Are You An Esterbrook Fan?


Are you an Esterbrook fan? If so, you aren’t the only one.


  1. I wish they’d reissue a 9128 style nib. I wish any company would make a true flex nib for a fountain pen. My 9128s are wonderfully flexible.

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    • Wouldn’t that be fantastic!

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      • I used to hear all the “but you can get a wet noodle vintage for a reasons price,” claims. Then I’d go looking and “reasonable” compared to what I paid for my 9128 nibs? Ha!

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        • So true. Good thing we bought ours way back when. Oh, my. Doesn’t that make me sound old.

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          • I hear you. I went looking for E nibs the other day just out of curiosity. The well has run dry.

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            • It had to happen eventually since they have been out of production for so many years. Scarcity creates value so prices for the occasional ones offered will reflect that. Sigh.

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