There’s A Problem With My Platinum Century Pen


My beautiful Platinum #3776 Century Nice has a problem. Due to the “Slip & Seal” mechanism, ink never dries out. The pen can lay idle for months and months and still write without hesitation. Knowing it is so trouble-free, I often forget it is inked. Not for the first time, it has been filled for so long that I have completely forgotten which ink is in it. My log has been no help. The ink is a medium brown that works very well with the rose gold appointments and medium nib. The combination is so well-matched that it bears repeating, if only I was certain of the ink.

After delving into my archives, I found a photo of the pen along with others in rotation a year ago that says at that time, it was filled with Noodler’s Kiowa Pecan. Can it really have been filled for a year and write perfectly without a single skip? Perhaps I have forgotten an ink change and that brings into question the ink that is currently in it. Is it NKP or something else?

It may not be Kiowa Pecan, but that ink will do for the next fill of the Platinum Century. Plus my recording of which pen is filled with which ink needs to more consistent. How do you keep track of pens and inks? Suggestions are welcome.


  1. Hi there, this is Victor, from Potugal. I have a small sugestion that may altogether borderline extreme practicality: given that any pen you’re in any moment inking is not a eyedropper one, why not just slipping inside the barrel a tiny piece of paper with the ink’s ID? May no look very pretty in case of demonstrators, but it will lessen your doubts… Cheers!


    • That’s something I never considered. The Platinum is a demonstrator, but I do have a lot of black pens for which your suggestion would work. Thanks.


      • Well LOL i myself only own some ten or twelve different inks, so i wouldn’t have that kind of problem, but i can completely simpathise, and therefore my imagination’s wheels start spinning. Glad to be of assistance. Cheers!


        • Just you wait. Someday you will have dozens and then we will see how you cope. 😀


  2. I use Airtable. I set up a tab with the pen, the month/year and the ink.

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    • How organized!


      • I was forced. I could not recall what ink was in each pen nor when I inked it

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  3. I use an app called Memento database, to log all the pens I own. I have fields set up for pen make, model, date of purchase, price, nib, and ink – for date of last fill and the ink name. It works well – except when I forget to update it.

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    • Far more organized than the bit of paper attached with washi tape to the wall next to my desk.


  4. I use the Inky Fingers “Currently Inked” notebook to keep track of what inks are in what pen. I started using it when I had a lot fewer pens, and so it’s part of my inking process and I remember to do it. I’m hesitant to try a new method because I might forget.

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    • Nice to be able to look back at writing from an ink and pen combination.


  5. If you write with it and the ink takes FOREVER to dry, then yeah, it’s the Kiowa Pecan.

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