On My Desk 5-2022


On my desk today are two fountain pens, two gel pens, one mechanical pencil and various other tools. It isn’t exactly a lean kit, but neither is it excessive. The A5 journal is one of four currently in use. The others include an A6 loose leaf, a Traveler’s 019, and a Traveler’s 013. A large box of washi tape is always nearby.

Which tools have the honor of gracing your desk at the moment?


  1. The Fiskars razor knife seems out of place

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    • True. It isn’t a pretty thing but it does get frequent use. Perhaps it should be decorated with washi to improve its aesthetics. It still wouldn’t be competition for a pen, but it would be less ORANGE.

      What’s on your desk?


      • Hmmm 4 journals (one for doodling), 6 pens (all fountain), keyboard, mouse dust, scrap paper and a pile of books for research. It’s really a mess

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  2. A 1929 big red parker duofold extra fine. (Main pen)
    C. 1960’s Schaeffer PFM (empty at the moment for when I get bored with the duofold I switch back and forth)

    Blackwing 602

    A c. 1930 mont blanc that needs major service.
    Various unlabeled partial bottles of blue-black ink. Various brands all decanted into Schaeffer bottle with the ink well that I have saved.
    A lined top spiral notebook. I am left handed.
    And that might be it if stuff of I use regularly.

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    • That Parker is almost 100 years old and is still going strong? What a testament to the brand!


      • It’s been serviced. I bought it when I realized i wanted an extra fine nib and i ama sucker for a big red. This is a duofold senior. A little scratchier than I would lime, being extra fine, and occasionally it drops a blob if ink. But it is my go to,

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        • EFs can be scratchy but are less so with a light touch. You’ve worked out your differences so that isn’t an issue for you. IME servicing is a given for pens that are that old but it does extend the useful life. Congrats on finding such a perfect mate!


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