Review: A Few Chinese Fountain Pens


Over a year ago, I decided to expand my collection of fude nibs. During the research phase, I ran across the Delike New Moon 2. Nothing in my collection was as fine as the Delike fude appeared to be and I was willing to gamble $20 to find out if this pen would fill that niche. In its favor was a very appealing design and color. Even the size and weight of the barrel are in my preferred range. So I plunked down my money and waited for its arrival.

When the package showed up at my door, I wasted no time and opened it immediately. First impression? Wow, what a beautiful pen! After a thorough rinsing, I filled the converter and was delighted to find that the nib was as good as the rest of the pen though it took several tries to find its best ink mate, Iroshizuku syo-ro.

More than a year later, this dynamic duo has been my daily companion completing nearly 300 pages in my journals. It has been filled dozens of times and is still going strong.

The green cracked ice pen was so enjoyable to use that I bought a blue marble so I could have two colors of ink ready to write. That pen has a tad more feedback, but otherwise is identical in performance. Rumor has it that the fudes are hand ground from Dlike extra-fine nibs and I wondered if the standard nibs were as good. So I bought a burgundy marble extra-fine that was beautiful but had a nib that was a stinker. After several emails with the seller, they decided to send a replacement nib that works perfectly.

Despite being the happy owner of three new pens, I decided to explore a little further and purchased a purple wave Moonman S1 with a fine nib. That pen had flow issues from the beginning that I addressed by widening the slit. I overdid it and the flow is a bit excessive. The build quality is not as good as the Delike New Moon 2 and feels more like a $20 pen that I could lose and not care about the loss.

Recently I noticed that Jet Pens carried the Moonman N6 though their inventory was low. I zoomed in on a photo of the nib and to my surprise the fude had the same imprint as the Delike New Moon. However, the design of the pen was quite different with no metal furnishings, not even a clip. Such a lightweight pen might be handy in my handbag or on days when my grip is uncooperative. So I ordered one along with a bottle of matching ink, Private Reserve Shell Pink, two packets of Tomoe River paper and a corner punch to make the paper look more like stationery when I want to write a letter. The pink pen came with a glass dip nib that I haven’t tried yet. Maybe someday my fascination with the fude will subside and I will swap the nibs. Or not.

Just to see what would happen, the blue fude and the burgundy extra-fine were set aside filled with Colorverse Crystal Planet and Andromeda. After seven weeks of no use, they both wrote instantly though the flow from the EF was a tad light for the first few words. Perhaps I just hit on the ideal combination of pens and inks, but it is still an impressive result.

This is not a full review because the pens have become difficult to find in the last six months and generally my reviews are about currently available products. However, I promised a review of the Delike so here it is. The bottom line is that these pens are inexpensive but the build quality varies. You might hit the jackpot as I did with my first two or you might get a stinker. If the retailer is one you can count on to back up its products like Jet Pens does, your risk is reduced. The Delike is hard to find, but there are a few at Amazon and eBay. At the price point, there are a number of other options including the Pilot Metropolitan. I have three of them and all of the nibs are good but none is a fude. The Delike fits my hand better and has more visual appeal so the Pilots are in the pen drawer. However, I am fickle so that is always subject to change.

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  1. Where to buy? Asking for nibs, who have hidden my pliers…

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    • 😀 Supplies are scarce based on searches today. Jet Pens has a few Moonman pens. Amazon has a few Delike New Moon 2 but no bent/fude nibs. eBay has bent nibs if you are willing to purchase from a Chinese source. The Jet Pens, Amazon and eBay links in my post will take you to search results for these pens.


  2. I have a couple of Moonman pens that I like, but I’ve never tried the Delike. If I come across one, though, I’ll have to see about giving it a shot!

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    • What do you like about your Moonman pens? Do they have vac or converter fillers?


      • I have a fude nib Moonman (looks very like the one you showed… I think it’s the same model but I don’t remember at the moment) and I like the flow on that one. I’m still not good at using a fude nib, but it feels like I could learn on that pen.

        I have another one that’s an S5 eyedropper which came with 3 nibs: extra fine (which I have used) plus wide and bent (which I have not used). For that one, I like the way it writes, as long as I use a semi-wet ink in it. Plus, the ink capacity is HUGE, and it’s transparent so I can see my ink color in the barrel, which is something I’m always partial to.

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        • The Moonman fude is very fine compared to my other fudes which makes it a good pen for learning how to use that type of nib. The others I have are just too extreme for general writing but they are fun for drawing. Leigh Reyes at http://leighreyes.com/ does amazing things with them and inspired me to try my hand at it. I am not saying it was a waste of money, but what she does makes me look like a three-year-old with a crayon.

          The S5 fell off my radar screen. Perhaps I should take another look.


          • The thing that interested me initially about the S5 was the way it looked, if I’m being perfectly honest. The transparent barrel with no pen mechanisms in the way (since it’s an eyedropper) was just so eye-catching. I’d read good reviews about how it writes though, too, which is what prompted me to actually buy one.

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            • That’s a great recommendation. I have one labeled as Majohn that has never been filled. One of these days…


  3. I LOVE that you always buy matching ink. I have on occasion but I have so much ink…. you know the story. 🙂

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    • Ha, ha. I do indeed!


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