Noodler’s And The Pen Community


A few folks have gotten their knickers in a twist over pen and ink names. As a result, Noodler’s has changed the names of a number of products. Other manufacturers have given inks new names over the years ostensibly for marketing reasons though apparently the underlying formulas remained unchanged. To be accurate at representation, my policy has been to use the name on the bottle and that will continue. If I ever restock a bottle with a new name, I will make the switch but who uses up Noodler’s ink? Those bottles are huge!

For reference:

Previous Name

Noodler’s Ink

New Name

19010 Kiowa Pecan Pecan
19022 Apache Sunset Southwest Sunset
19028 Ottoman Rose Rose in the Louvre
19029 Navajo Turquoise Mesa Turquoise
19034 Tiananmen Discontinued
19035 Ottoman Azure Azure
19036 Shah’s Rose Pearl Diver Coral
19066 Bernanke Black Brevity Black
19067 Bernanke Blue Brevity Blue
19069 Rome Burning Rome (one antique coin)
19070 Q-E’ternity ($&¢) Brevity Blue-Black
19074 Park Red Discontinued
19085 House Divided Discontinued
19103 Anti-Fascist Blue (X-Feather Blue) X-Feather Blue
19104 Noodler’s 1984 Ink Discontinued
19105 Censor Red Brevity Red
19810 Nikita 4.5 oz w/Free Pen TBD
19814 Dragons Napalm 4.5 oz Free Pen Dragon’s Fire
Noodler’s Fountain Pens
14045 Apache Tortoise Konrad Flex Mesa Tortoise
15045 Apache Tortoise Ahab Mesa Tortoise
15048 Cherokee Pearl Ahab Oklahoma
15049 Comanche Ahab Brazos River
15051 Black Crow Ahab Raven
15054 Huron Ahab Lake Champlain
15055 Iroquois Ahab Lake Erie
15060 Navajo Turquoise Ahab Mesa Turquoise
15063 Pima Tortoise Ahab Canyon Tortoise
15066 Zuni Ahab Wilderness twilight
Standard Flex Nibs
17066 Zuni Std Flex Wilderness Twilight


  1. So the leftist virtue signalers have finally gotten to Nathan, probably through his distributor. Damn pity. I have two bottles of Anti-Fascist Blue that I will use with great pleasure, remembering Mr. Churchill every time I refill.

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    • So far I’ve seen no indication that the distributor was involved. You might find something on Reddit. Lots of rabblerousing happens there. Virtue signaling and cancel culture are not games in which I participate. Strange times in which we live, eh?

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      • Strange times, indeed!

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    • Not the distributor. The woke folks at Goulet Pens threatened to not carry the products unless the names changed. I communicated with Goulet about this so I can say for certain that’s the case. Communicated with she/her. Yep, that’s how she signed her name. Was not impressed with Goulet before, but now won’t use them at all. I could say something about them being hypocritical being as they are located in the Confederate capitol and home to the largest slave market for it’s time. I could, but I won’t.

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      • Aargh. That explains a lot. Thanks for the info. As the saying goes, “Get woke, go broke.”

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  2. Great names – Interesting – Thought-provoking – reduced to bland, boring, rubbish!

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    • So true. Could names like Blue #1, Blue #2, Blue #3 be far behind?

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  3. Change comes from “Conversation” – if nothing is allowed to make you think – to reconsider whys and hows of history – people will stop thinking and nothing will reset into a better future.

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    • Again, too true. Emotional response is encouraged and reasoned thought is discouraged. Where did that come from?

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  4. Putting horns on Jews on its ink bottles isn’t knickers in a twist over a name. And when Tardif’s friend/business associate Brian Goulet halts sales of all Tardif’s products – and lists the reasons – it’s far more than mere nomenclature.


    • The purpose of my post was to state my policy on the names I use when writing about inks. It did not weigh into any controversy except to give context to the post.

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    • What was the horns on jews thing? I missed that.
      ps: I am not a schmuck.

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      • I missed it, too, but my interest has always been the ink and not the packaging. Even in my reviews, I rarely mention boxes and bottles unlike some reviewers who can write paragraphs about them. Amazingly, no one has ever complained about my omission. It seems Inkophile’s readers are more interested in pens and inks and I am happy to accommodate them.

        Oh, and I am not a schmuck either. 😀

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      • Horns on jews is an old antisemitic trope Tardiff used on one of his ink bottles and essentially the reason why Goulet and others dropped him and why he decided to rename his inks.

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  5. More likely, Mr. Tardiff crossed a political bridge too far @jmccarty3. And anti-Semitism should not be a “leftist” issue. We should all be on guard against attacking any group for existing. It only leads to more attacks and violence, plus justifies attacking other groups.

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  6. I don’t think he should’ve changed the names at all. Many of them having historical references, and its what also makes the brand unique. If the sellers don’t like the names, they don’t have to carry those inks. Sick of this “cancel culture aka censoring”.

    Removing the names isn’t going to erase the history, BUT it does make it less in the forefront and more easy to forget it. I liked hearing the story behind some of the inks, like Black Swan in English Roses connected to WWI. Its what made me buy the ink. I hate to see private businesses cave into this censoring and not wanting to offend anyone.

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    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I am not in favor of censorship especially related to art or writing. I am in favor of reasoned discussion and politely sharing perspectives. Cancel culture cannot erase history but it can be used to edit it beyond recognition. And that would be a pity. Learning from both the successes and the mistakes of the past can make the future better.

      Noodler’s artistic labels and unique names set it apart and have since the brand was introduced. That is quite a feat in a crowded marketplace and BSER is a good example of how well that can work. It also happens to be an attractive color and an ink that performs well. Isn’t that what ink should be about?

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    • “If the sellers don’t like the names, they don’t have to carry those inks.”

      That’s exactly what happened and why he changed the names.

      I think it’s a shame about a lot of the names too, but nobody asked (or forced) him to change them all, people just objected to one specific ink that had a clearly antisemitic and indefensible label.

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  7. Noodlers went leftist woke. I’ve spent my last dollar with a company run by a far leftist activist.


    • Finding yourself of making an offensive gaffe and apologizing and correcting course isn’t leftist. It’s behaving like an adult.

      Refusing to admit you’ve had a lapse in judge by releasing a label with a well known Antisemitic troupe is behaving like a child who is refusing to learn or accept other people’s experience.

      That isn’t what Noodler’s did. They saw where they may have been needlessly offending people beyond their mistake for the sake of making sells. You know, a cornerstone of Capitalist markets.

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