A New Journal For A New Year


It’s the first day of the year and a great time to start a new journal. If you are uncertain about how to proceed, here is a video that might inspire you. If you are an old hand at journaling but growing bored with your usual entries, a few of Jordan’s suggestions might perk up your 2022 journal.


Or you could keep an art journal. You don’t need to be an artist to make one of these.


Both types of journals make fine creative outlets. This year I am going to keep one of each. How about you?


  1. I started a kind of commonplace book mid-way through last year, and I’ve been enjoying writing in it every morning over breakfast. It’s more of a journal than a true commonplace book, but it’s what works for me.

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    • There are no rules to keeping a journal so whatever works for you is what’s right for you. It amazed me to learn that the commonplace book has been around for so long. What did people put in them years ago? We have prints and washi tape but what did writers use in the past? Sketches? Snippets from letters tucked between pages? Pressed flowers? Intriguing to consider the possibilities.


      • I think I’ve seen references to pressed flowers being kept in diaries in classic fiction, so that definitely makes sense. Also, I imagine it was a lot more useful in the past for keeping things like recipe notes or conversions, or any number of things that we would just do a quick Google search for today.

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        • All of which fits with the “anything goes” rule for keeping a journal or a commonplace book.


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