Featuring A Fude Nib


Did you know a fountain pen could produce such line variation? Click the image to see the brief demonstration.


  1. I am not sure that the link is working…I can’t play this video.


  2. Thank you so much. The link above worked fine for me. The nib looks fun…a whole calligraphy set in one nib!

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  3. Fude nibs look fun, though I have minimal success with non-traditional nibs. (Perhaps largely due to my lack of patience with my learning curve…)


    • Some nibs can be challenging and the fude is one of them. Writing slowly and accepting whatever turns up on the paper, helps me the most especially when writing in my journal. Pens are for the writer’s pleasure. If a reader likes the results, that’s fine, too, but not a requirement. Just enjoy what you are doing. 🙂


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