On My Desk – July 2021


Five fountain pens were my tools of choice for July. It was a stub and fude month with a varied assortment of inks. Iroshizuku and Herbin contributed two each with a Diamine ink for the fifth. The Delike New Moon fude got the most love and a review should be finished in a couple of days.

Not pictured is the pink Tombow MONOgraph 0.5mm mechanical pencil with Uni Nano Dia HB lead. Its companion is a MUJI hard type, black plastic eraser.

In the category of non-writing tools are a Metro Stylus, a Silver Black Velvet 3/4″ flat brush, and a Princeton Neptune 1/2″ square wash brush. A cinnamon oatmeal cookie scented candle, an e.l.f. cooling under eye refresh rollerball plus four rolls of washi tape round things out. Oh, and lots of photos so I am never alone.

What’s on your desk?


  1. The second pen from the left (inked with the Diamine Dark Brown) –can you tell me about that? It looks like a Pelikan’s long-lost-cousin.


    • That’s a copper Baoer 507 Eight Horses with a custom italic nib. https://amzn.to/2VdnEQ6 I have owned it for years and bring it out when a fine italic suits a project. This one was modified by the seller in China and has no iridium at the tip. However, it is a nice writing pen and works very well on paper that has narrow line spacing.


  2. That’s a very nice assortment of inks!

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    • Note seasonal but a pleasure to use. What are you using these days?

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      • I have Organic Studios L. Frank Baum inked as my main journal color for this month. Other than that, I haven’t really decided.

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        • NIce. No rush to decide. Playing with color is such fun. I get lost in it all too often.

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          • It is a lot of fun! Also, I rarely stick to the same colors for the whole month (other than the journal color choice).

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            • Variety is a good thing indeed.

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