The Pens On My Desk


Now that a few pens have moved out, what’s left on my desk? It’s a pretty varied lot with the exception of Platinum pens. Out of ten pens, three are Plats. All of the others are singles. Hint, hint. I am a fan of that brand, especially the #3776 model, but turns out I can only use one pen at a time.

Currently, five are inked and five are waiting for fills. The photo is of the pens that are inked including a Lamy Studio F, TWSBI 580 1.1 stub, Delike bent nib, Platinum #3776 Century Nice M, and Levenger True Writer Masuyama CI.

The five pens that have yet to be filled are a Platinum #3776 Century Nice Pur B, Platinum #3776 Music Nib, Pelikan M400 F, Conklin Duragraph 1.1 Stub, and Pilot Metropolitan M.

The Delike has a review in the works that should be completed in a few days. It quickly charmed its way into my rotation and has been a pleasure to use. All of the others have been mentioned in the past or received full reviews.

Are any of them your favorite pens, too?


  1. I really enjoy the TWSBI pens, though I tend to go for their finer nibs. The 580 is a favorite of mine for sure. The only Platinum pen I’ve tried so far is the Plaisir, but I do like that one a lot too.

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    • You are ahead of me on the TWSBI since the two I own have 1.1 nibs. Is yours a smooth nib?


      • I have a M for one of my TWSBI’s (580 AL) and it is very smooth. I have an Eco in EF, and that one’s a bit rougher—not uncomfortably so, but you definitely feel the paper a lot more than the M. I’m not sure how much is the nib, though, and how much is the difference between the pens. My other TWSBIs are F nibs, and they vary based on the pen. My Vac700 Iris F nib seems smoother than my Eco F nib, for example. (But that could be expectation bias, too.)


        • That’s quite a collection. My experience has been similar to yours. The 580 is smooth, the Eco not so much despite both being 1.1mm stubs. I also prefer the feel and weight of the 580 over the Eco. All of which explains why the 580 is usually filled and the Eco hasn’t seen a drop of ink in years. Now that you have brought it to my attention, the Eco should go to a new home where it will be better appreciated. Anyway, the stub is the only TWSBI nib I have used.

          Maybe someday I will give a medium a try. It should be a good workhorse pen when a stub is too broad for a task. 🙂

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          • I like the weight of the 580 & Vac700 for the most part too, but for long writing sessions I love how lightweight the Eco is. I have used them for drafting NaNo novels before, and I really appreciated the lighter pen for that.

            I do enjoy my medium nib a lot. In fact, I should ink that pen again soon. It makes a great letter-writing pen, since it shows off the ink too. One of these days I’ll try a stub also. (If you’re serious about finding your Eco stub a new home, hit me up…) I have a Pilot Metro stub, and like the way that looks a lot.

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            • True about the weight difference, but my writing sessions are rarely very long so the 580 is fine for my needs. Yes, I would like to sell the Eco. Let me know via email if you are interested. inkophile *at* gmail.com.

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  2. Is the bottom one the Levenger TrueWriter Classic Kyoto Gold? I’d been eyeing that (I have their Camouflage model) but it now seems to be out of stock or discontinued. Is the Delike from the New Moon line? Thanks! Beautiful pens!

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