The Pens On My Desk


Now that a few pens have moved out, what’s left on my desk? It’s a pretty varied lot with the exception of Platinum pens. Out of ten pens, three are Plats. All of the others are singles. Hint, hint. I am a fan of that brand, especially the #3776 model, but turns out I can only use one pen at a time.

Currently, five are inked and five are waiting for fills. The photo is of the pens that are inked including a Lamy Studio F, TWSBI 580 1.1 stub, Delike bent nib, Platinum #3776 Century Nice M, and Levenger True Writer Masuyama CI.

The five pens that have yet to be filled are a Platinum #3776 Century Nice Pur B, Platinum #3776 Music Nib, Pelikan M400 F, Conklin Duragraph 1.1 Stub, and Pilot Metropolitan M.

The Delike has a review in the works that should be completed in a few days. It quickly charmed its way into my rotation and has been a pleasure to use. All of the others have been mentioned in the past or received full reviews.

Are any of them your favorite pens, too?


  1. I really enjoy the TWSBI pens, though I tend to go for their finer nibs. The 580 is a favorite of mine for sure. The only Platinum pen I’ve tried so far is the Plaisir, but I do like that one a lot too.

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    • You are ahead of me on the TWSBI since the two I own have 1.1 nibs. Is yours a smooth nib?


      • I have a M for one of my TWSBI’s (580 AL) and it is very smooth. I have an Eco in EF, and that one’s a bit rougher—not uncomfortably so, but you definitely feel the paper a lot more than the M. I’m not sure how much is the nib, though, and how much is the difference between the pens. My other TWSBIs are F nibs, and they vary based on the pen. My Vac700 Iris F nib seems smoother than my Eco F nib, for example. (But that could be expectation bias, too.)


        • That’s quite a collection. My experience has been similar to yours. The 580 is smooth, the Eco not so much despite both being 1.1mm stubs. I also prefer the feel and weight of the 580 over the Eco. All of which explains why the 580 is usually filled and the Eco hasn’t seen a drop of ink in years. Now that you have brought it to my attention, the Eco should go to a new home where it will be better appreciated. Anyway, the stub is the only TWSBI nib I have used.

          Maybe someday I will give a medium a try. It should be a good workhorse pen when a stub is too broad for a task. 🙂


          • I like the weight of the 580 & Vac700 for the most part too, but for long writing sessions I love how lightweight the Eco is. I have used them for drafting NaNo novels before, and I really appreciated the lighter pen for that.

            I do enjoy my medium nib a lot. In fact, I should ink that pen again soon. It makes a great letter-writing pen, since it shows off the ink too. One of these days I’ll try a stub also. (If you’re serious about finding your Eco stub a new home, hit me up…) I have a Pilot Metro stub, and like the way that looks a lot.


            • True about the weight difference, but my writing sessions are rarely very long so the 580 is fine for my needs. Yes, I would like to sell the Eco. Let me know via email if you are interested. inkophile *at* gmail.com.


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