Sometimes Things Just Don’t Go As Planned


Challenging times for everyone but I would like to update you on one particular stumbling block I have encountered.

After more than a year of frequent crashes, freezes and unexpected restarts, my laptop died in January. In March, I was lucky enough to borrow an old laptop though it was on its way to computer heaven or possibly hell with as many as four blue screens and various softwear repairs per day. It died permanently a month ago.

Now I am without a computer as well as the means to write posts and edit photos. Even my six-year-old phone has taken to crashing and WordPress is its enemy anyway. Perhaps there will be an affordable laptop with good specs in the Black Friday or Cyber Monday offerings. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

In the meantime, I am working on things to upload that are short on text. I have been surprised at how many websites and programs are incompatible with an Android phone. So we shall see what can be done with such limited resources. Life certainly has gotten tricky.

See you soon!


  1. I spent over a year running a complicated forum and multiple Web sites from my phone. The WordPress app is horrible. I had better luck composing blog posts in email, then copying them to a WordPress Post form using the Google browser.

    Consider picking up a used or cheap Chromebook as a stopgap.

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    • Good suggestions. WordPress needs to up its game or it will fall by the wayside. A used Chromebook might have uses even after I am able to swing a new laptop. Hmmm…


      • yes, using your WordPress via browser in your phone may be a good solution. Depending on a size of your phone. They should make a fountain pen which would publish directly from paper to WordPress, and use same colour as your ink 🙂


        • Now wouldn’t that be something? Fountain pen to WordPress would solve a lot of problems.


  2. Good luck with finding a good new machine!

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    • Thanks but have found good ones to be beyond my budget. Hoping to find a cheap, serviceable one during the sales this week. Same goes for a printer/scanner. Haven’t owned one in years. Also need a router and modem. Life was tricky around here even before the lockdown. ;D


      • Well, good luck with finding a good cheap machine, then? 😉

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        • 😀


        • Found a Lenovo that has fair specs but have to decide between a 15.6″ monitor with a 512GB hard drive or a 17″ monitor with a 256GB hard drive. Comes with 8GB RAM that can’t be upgraded. Hard to choose.

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