Autumn Inks


Inks are Noodler’s Kiowa Pecan and Sailor Tokiwa Matsu. Pens are a Platinum #3776 Century medium from Luxury Pens and a Lamy Studio fine.

Autumn Inks


  1. Ooh, lovely picks! They’re perfect for autumn: you have the deep orange of the leaves turning colors, and the deep green of the evergreens. So pretty.


    • Keeping it simple with just two colors. Which inks are you using this fall?


      • I have a Colorverse green inked up, plus Diamine Sunset. And this year I’m using Herbin Lie de The as my year-round ink, so that one as well.

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        • That’s a colorful trio. Lie de The might be my favorite brown ink. 🙂


  2. Tokiwa Matsu is one of the most beautiful inks I know, and the name (which I understand translates to ‘old pine’) is perfectly fitting. There are several gnarly old pine trees on an out-of-the-way rural road where I sometimes walk, and every time I pass them I think of that ink.
    Sadly, I prefer water resistant inks, so I seldom use the Tokiwa Matsu. Maybe I should write more with it and think of the result as an exercise in non-attachment 🙂

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