Links And A Bit Of Green


This photo turned up unexpectedly and reminded me how much I like green ink. Perhaps you enjoy it, too.

Why green? No idea really, but it is a cheerful photo from the archives.


  1. I love my Hobonichi Techo and my TWSBI 580s! (And I love that I can use them TOGETHER!) Green ink is also a nice change from the oranges and deep reds I’ve been gravitating to lately. I think I’m trying to encourage autumn to hurry up with my ink choices.

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    • It is mid-summer here so green is just right. Maybe in six weeks, orange will again grace my rotation. That would be very nice in my 580 indeed. Thanks for the reminder to ink it for autumn.

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      • It’s still summer here, too, but I’m ready for autumn. 😉 Plus… everything is on fire. Maybe that’s the real reason I’m feeling orange and red lately… 😦

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        • Not so orange here today but the temp is 99° so only cool colors need apply for duty. When the temps cool down, warm colors can come out to play. Funny how that works.

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