Friday Links And Clever Spy Pens


Despite the temptation to think that lockdown days are all alike, retaining optimism for the coming weekend adds a little spiciness to Saturday and Sunday. A few pen links should start things off right.

From the archives:

Five years on, this passport cover continues to have a place in my life. It is no longer available but there are several at Amazon that might entice me to add a second notebook to my writing routine. The Traveler’s Notebooks tucked inside are good with fountain pen ink, Uniball-Signos, graphite as well as a variety of felt tips and gel pens. The paper is thin but will tolerate a light wash of watercolor. In other words, I can use any tool on my desk. Having no restrictions suits me just fine.


  1. Wow. Spy pens are real. Who knew?

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    • Cool, eh?


  2. Love the little passport cover. I carry passport size TNs as wallets. One at a time, of course; but I have lots. They are addictive.

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    • So true. The page size is just right for notes about a single subject. With bands to hold the notebooks in place, a passport cover works perfectly. I have others but the ancient map gets the most use. It is flexible, lightweight and soft to the touch. Very satisfying to use.

      What do your covers look like?


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