A Dozen Distractions From The Pen World And Beyond


An odd mix of things that provided much-appreciated distraction this past week…

Five years on, I still love this duo.


  1. I love writing with a good, rich brown ink! I currently have my planner pen inked up with Herbin’s Lie de The.

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    • That’s such a nice ink. It was my first brown and remains a favorite. I don’t think it’s ever met a pen it didn’t like.

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      • It’s a great one! I have other brown inks I like too (the Pilot sepia ink they put in their cartridges is another favorite) but one thing I like about the Lie de The is that it isn’t super attention-seeking like some inks. It’s able to be background when that’s what’s needed.

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        • It can produce shading and cleans easily which are both admirable characteristics. My Platinum #3776 music nib is especially fond of it. Diamine Dark Brown (that isn’t really dark) was my second brown ink and also remains a favorite. For general use, I prefer low saturation for wide nibs and more intense saturation for fine nibs. Do you have such a preference?

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          • My preferences are really for the showy inks. (Sheening, shading, glittery….) I haven’t noticed a personal preference as much for saturation intensity, though I like my showy inks in wider nibs.

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