A Warning About Fakes And Fakers


Don’t be duped. There are miscreants among us. Check out the posts from Herbert Pens and Scriptorium Pens. Caveat emptor.


  1. The lesson is copyright. If you take them (or an employee on your time) their yours. That person you know with all the gear? Probably work-for-hire but get a signed letter that you have sole use rights. Same with a pro. Use rights should be spelled out in your contract.

    Then hit everybody with a DMCA takedown. Scumbag, web host, isp for the host. The scumbag won’t care but everybody else hates DMCA claims. If you can show the images are yours to use (oh, don’t forget your logo) then at least force a takedown of your images.

    Which means you’ll have to use an image search engine to check occasionally that they haven’t started up again elsewhere.

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    • Thanks, Dave.


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