Tuesday Tidbits: Pen, Paper And Ink Links


José Naranja makes beautiful journals that he on occasion offers for sale. Oh, and I didn’t even make it through January without falling in love with an ink from Colorverse. What do you think of it?

From the archives, a photo of my mother’s jet beads, a silk flower, Rhodia pad, and ten pens. The red Lamy Safari looks out of place but it’s a good writer. In my rotation, how a pen writes is more important than its form. Which is more important to you?
























  1. Oh, no! I love Papyrus stores. 😦

    That Gluon ink is really pretty! Colorverse has some great colors.

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    • Choices are certainly narrowing. Hallmark is all that is left when it comes to stationery stores and they are few in this area.

      Yes, Colorverse does have some exciting colors. Do you have any of them?


      • We also have Paper Source in my area, so I’ve been trying to make sure to support them. I had been shopping at Papyrus too, but they were less convenient to access, so I didn’t go as often.

        Oh, I have lots of Colorverse colors (given the relatively small size of my ink stash). I have Redshift, Schrodinger & Cat (glistening), Hayabusa (glistening), Supernatural, and… one more glistening ink. Maybe one of the brown ones? I forget.

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        • Great colors. I would like Supernatural for the name if not the color. 🙂


          • I bought Supernatural to replace a very old pistachio ink that I loved, but which did not age well. And I’m really glad I did, because it’s an even better ink than the one it was replacing!

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            • Better in terms of color, performance or both?


              • Color shading, mostly. But it’s also been a very long time since I used the pistachio one in its prime, so it’s hard to judge.

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                • That’s my favorite special characteristic of ink.


  2. What is that fourth pen down from the top??? It’s gorgeous!


    • That pen is a Levenger True Writer in the long retired “mink” color. On occasion, one will be offered on eBay. I may decide to offer a few pens in coming months though have given no thought as to which ones I would sell. Let me know via email if that TW would be of interest. inkophile *at* gmail.com.


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