A List Of My Favorite Noodler’s Inks


Did you know that Noodler’s Ink has a new website? So many colors!

I have used their inks for close to fifteen years starting with Black then moving on to Legal Lapis Blue from Pendemonium. Eventually, someone on Fountain Pen Network talked me into buying Apache Sunset and I was hooked for life.

After perusing the new website, making a list of my favorite Noodler’s inks struck me as a fun exercise especially comparing my choices from a few years ago to what is on my list today. It was a challenge to pare down to twenty but I did. Classified as they are on the Noodler’s site:


  • 54th Massachusetts
  • Ottoman Azure
  • Eel Turquoise
  • Dostoyevsky


  • Noodler’s Black
  • Lexington Gray


  • Kiowa Pecan
  • Golden Brown


  • Army Green
  • General of the Armies
  • El Lawrence


  • Habanero


  • Ottoman Rose
  • Georgia Peach


  • Purple Martin
  • Nightshade
  • Eel Cactus Fruit


  • Antietam
  • Cayenne
  • Tiananmen

Which Noodler’s inks would be on your list?

Time for a big thank you to Carol at Luxury Brands who has kept me well supplied during the last few years. My list would have been much shorter if not for her generosity.









  1. Bay State Concord Grape, Saguaro Wine, Bernanke Black, and Eel Cactus Fruit. And there are some new colors (to me, at least) that I might need samples of (Tchaikovsky, Socrates, Rachmaninnoff).


    • Samples are such tasty treats. Best way to get acquainted.


  2. I love Dostoyevsky. Also Apache Sunset.

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    • Wouldn’t they be pretty next to each other. 🙂


  3. We have some overlap in our favorites:

    Ottoman Azure
    Blue Eel
    Borealis Black
    Cayenne (my favorite line-editing ink)
    Burma Rd. Brown (which reads greenish to me)
    FPN Tulipe Noire
    Black Swan in English Roses

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    • So we do. I haven’t tried Borealis Black or Burma Rd. Brown so cannot comment on those inks. I bought Tulipe Noire from the initial FPN offering but found it a little slow to dry from large, wet nibs. I liked it best with extra-fine Japanese nibs that no longer make it into my rotation. Otherwise, I would be happy to write with any of the inks on your list. 🙂


  4. Sequoia & Black Swan in Australian Roses. =)

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  5. Kung Te Chung .. beautiful bullet proof ink … Agree with all your choices …add this one or try it

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    • Thank you for the suggestion. I will try it soon.


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