Update To Trouble At Inkophile


Thanks to generous readers, the ads on Inkophile will be eliminated for a year. Tech support was annoying. I am not fond of upselling or bait and switch. Parsing through answers that don’t address the questions asked is another challenge. To their credit, the employees who tried to help wrote decent English. Either that or were good at copy and paste.

Due to the betrayal of trust, my domain registration will remain at GoDaddy and not make the move to WP. Count me skeptical that prices and packages won’t change next year, but for now, we are good.

Happy dance!

Gene Kelly Dancing On Apica Paper

Gene Kelly dancing on Apica paper.


  1. CONGRATS on getting this issue (mostly) resolved. I’m not sure I follow everything completely regarding Go Daddy vs. WP, as I’m seeing this page with my WP header bar overlaying it … but I”m glad that the ads aren’t going to be as bothersome for you.

    As for what to do in a year’s time, would it help to paraphrase a cool quote I saw recently?

    “She made the leap and grew her wings along the way.”

    I’m positive things will work out. You’ll find the answer. We’ll be here every step of the way. Reach out. We’re here.

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    • Thank you for your support. To clarify, GoDaddy is where inkophile.com is registered as a domain name. As long as the annual fee is paid, I can use it to link to any site I choose. Currently, it points to inkophile.wordpress.com where my blog resides. Type inkophile.com in your address bar and your browser will be directed to the blog. WordPress hosts the blog. In other words, it resides on a WP server. So the two companies provide different services in my case. One is the address. The other is the building. Does that make sense?

      Yes, a cool quote. Thanks. 🙂


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