My Wishlist And The Desire To Acquire


While sorting through some old posts, I ran across a wishlist from two years ago. Of the ten items on the list, only two were purchased: a small packet of Tomoe River paper and a Robert Oster ink. The ink went to a friend and the paper is on my desk as yet unused. Wishful thinking on the other items. I don’t miss them. There are other pens, paper, and ink on hand to keep me content.

Had I acquired all of the products, would I still be using them or would I have lost interest? Mostly the latter. It’s a lesson in buying stuff. So many items are unnecessary if gorgeous and satisfying to own. Regardless, there are essentials and of those, I have an abundance. Who really needs anything more?

In the future, I intend to keep a more regularly updated, dated wishlist. Reviewing past iterations is amusing in a “what was I thinking” sort of way.

Do you keep old versions of your wishlist? Does it include things you would/could never purchase or is your list comprised of items you might truly acquire?

My favorite stock-nibbed pens list has remained the same for years. The only one I would add today is the Pilot Metropolitan medium. Which just proves I can be happy with what I have even if my wishlist is everchanging.


  1. Yes, I agree. Sometimes everything you currently own is enough.

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  2. I could not agree more, I own over 100 pens, and use only 6 on a regular basis, I have only recently started to realize when you find a few nibs you really like that’s all you need. Ink is the same way, a good blue, a good red and a solid black and you’re fixed.

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    • You are so right! Currently, I only have three pens inked though often it is five or six. Inks are blue-black, dark green and purple or teal. Next three are blue, orange, and brown. Which nibs do you prefer? I usually wind up with a medium and a couple of wider nibs, either music or stub/italic. It certainly took a lot of trial and error to settle on what I like best, but it was a lot of fun getting here.

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  3. Thank you for this and I agree with you and with these comments. I still keep a wish list, but it is clearly about “want” rather than “need”. I think there comes a point in the hobby when we recognise that getting the latest must-have pen from our wish list is only a temporary fix and within weeks, we are looking for new excitement. Also, there is a realisation that accumulating more and more pens may be counter-productive to our enjoyment as it means that the time available to use and enjoy your existing pens, is diminished. And is that new pen really going to be better, or make you happier, than any that you have already?
    Also, perhaps as we get older, an aim to live more simply and to have less possessions and “stuff” has its own appeal which takes over from the desire to acquire.
    Having said all of that, I am as guilty as everyone else when an attractive new pen appears and I have still have a way to go towards evening getting the “currently inked” down to a reasonable number.

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    • Welcome. Indeed, the “need” is quite minimal compared to the “want”. Totally agree on the growing older and reducing acquisitions. Or at least using up perishables that have been collected over the years.

      As for pens, I like the ones I like. They will get used even when a minimal rotation is all I desire. The pens most likely to receive an invitation to play are in a container next to my desk. Grab and fill. Easy. Last night a dozen went into the pen drawer for some future assignation. Wishful thinking for most of them. The lot of a pen can be hard.

      There may not be a perfect number of inked pens for an aficionado, but there is a limit to the number of pens that one can maintain easily. If the pens are happy and running smoothly, a reasonable number could be a dozen. In my case, it’s three.

      It doesn’t sound like you are ready to forgo new acquisitions, but that perhaps you have become more selective than when fountain pens first became a hobby. In my experience, it’s quite a normal rite of passage for a seasoned collector.

      May I suggest you take your reply above and edit it into a post for your own blog? You have a good start and it wouldn’t take much to edit it into a worthy post.

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  4. I do keep a running wishlist in my planner, and while I have some things that have been on there for ages, there are others which I decide I don’t want any longer and so they get crossed off. The good thing about keeping the list in my planner is that I do review it more often than I would if it were only online or something.

    My problem is that now I’ve decided that I like TWSBI pens as much as I do, I now want ALL THE COLORS of the 580. Oh well.

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    • That would be a lot of TWSBI pens though I could imagine it would be fun to match inks to pen colors…


      • It would… which is why I have so far managed to not buy them all. But it can get hard with the colors I love the most.

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  5. Thank you for the suggestion! I have been ruminating on these thoughts for a while now even though my resolve not to keep acquiring more pens, inks and journals, is a bit up and down. 🙂

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