The Return Of Private Reserve Ink


Did you know that Private Reserve Ink has returned with a new website and some old favorite colors? It has been ages since I bought any, but Avacado and Shell Pink will be welcome here come Spring. Arabian Rose, Burgundy Mist, Orange Crush or Gray Flannel might follow soon after.

The price is very reasonable including the six sample packs that are especially useful if you have no experience with this brand. The Ebony group would make a good choice for those who favor dark inks while the Winter sample pack is perfect for those who are fond of blue. The other four are mixed groups that will hit just the right notes for many inkophiles.

If you like highly saturated ink and don’t mind giving it a few extra seconds to dry, Private Reserve could be a worthy addition to your ink collection.


  1. Oh, good news! The Ebony Purple breaks into the most amazing colors when you add water and use it as a wash.

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    • Cool. I’ll have to give that one a try. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

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  2. Love Purple Mojo

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  3. “Avacado” has long been a favorite green.

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    • It’s a great color and was my first green crush when I got back into fountain pens years ago. Eventually, that bottle degraded, but I still look at my swatches with great affection.


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