You Deserve Something Special


Several weeks ago, I was wearing a sad face over the passing of Roy Clark, musician extraordinaire, and decided to write some thoughts in a Black n’ Red notebook. Not expecting to jot down more than a sentence or two, I still needed to select an ink and pen.

The aqua Nemosine Singularity with an italic nib caught my eye as did a bottle of Rohrer & Klingner Blu Mare. It wasn’t so much the color as the anticipated performance in the notebook that dictated the pairing. Though something short of genius, it was still a very satisfying minute that extended into several while I filled a page and a half with notes about music, musicians, and the music industry. It did cheer me though aqua ink and an italic nib have been known to produce that effect even on a good day.

And that begs a question. Is there an ink and pen duo that can bring you out of a funk? Perhaps that is what a pen gives back for the care we take of it. We give it a long and healthy life and it gives us a little joy.

What say you? Do any of your pens or inks have such an influence over you? If not, then may I suggest presenting yourself this holiday season with the gift of a fab pen and a bottle of luscious ink. Don’t neglect yourself. You deserve something special just as much as your friends and family do.



  1. TWSBI Diamond Mini 1.1 Stub + Sailor Epinard.

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    • That would be a great duo!

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  2. I am very often cheered or uplifted by the use of a pretty pen and ink on nice paper. Actually, very often by the colors you used in your example. Also by gorgeous shades of pink and rose. I am a person who is strongly driven by color; I love to design and sew, and color has a large role in my daily activities. So it’s not strange to me at all that people can be cheered up and enlivened through the use of a fountain pen, ink, or anything in their favorite colors.

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    • Pink and rose are cheerful colors especially in a pen that has a transparent barrel. Peach and coral are good ones, too. Ah, color…


  3. Iroshizuku Tsuyu-kusa is my Happy Ink: in my beat-up old Montblanc 24, it always makes me feel better. Its like a sunny afternoon in late May to me.


    • Especially lovely to imagine that at this time of year.


  4. That is lovely! I need to use my Singularity more, I haven’t ever taken the time to properly write with it for more than a few lines. (I usually want it for a header or to address a card or something, so I never really get a good feel for it in that use.)

    For me, one of my Diamine shimmer inks in my TWSBI 580 always cheers me up. I don’t even have to write with it if I don’t feel like it; just swirling the shimmery ink back and forth in the clear barrel makes me smile.

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    • Not that it ever disappointed, but my appreciation for the Singularity has grown over time. Quite simply it insists on living on my desk and that is that. Who am I to disagree?

      The 580 should be very fetching dressed in a shimmer ink. What a lovely combination.

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      • Mine is a 580 AL in pink, and my favorite ink for it is Diamine Pink Glitz. It’s very fun and makes me smile every time I use it. 🙂

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        • Fountain pens should make us smile, but then pens should appreciate us, too. 😉

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