Sunday Reads: Pens And Horses


In my youth, I was horse crazy. Fond memories. I still love horses, but these days I rarely get closer than the two Baoer Eight Horses fountain pens below.

Five years ago, this was my rotation.

Platinum #3776
Platinum #3776 Century
Lamy AL-Star
Pelikan M400
Pelikan M215
Pilot Namiki Falcon
Sailor 1911
Sailor Sapporo
Baoer Eight Horses in Bronze
Baoer Eight Horses in Copper
Pilot Custom 742FA


  1. Thank you for the link!

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  2. Oh my gosh, those Eight Horses pens are LOVELY! I may have to add that to my collection just for the beauty of the pen. How do yours write?


    • They are a bit heavy due to the metal barrel, but not overly so. One has a modified nib so I can only comment on the other pen. The flow is decent though I like the Eight Horses model with a lubricating ink. The nib isn’t buttery smooth by any stretch, but it is a decent writer. My experience with all Chinese pens is that quality control is rather hit or miss so I am reluctant to recommend them unless an imperfect nib would not deter you. If you are inclined to tinker, then the Eight Horses model might make a unique addition to your collection.

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      • Good point, thank you. I get frustrated with mediocre nibs, so maybe this one isn’t for me. Though maybe I could get a good replacement nib. Things to consider.


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