Sunday Reads: Pens, Memes, And Sherlock Holmes


There is no connecting the dots between these links, except that they were some of the most interesting ones from this past week.

Noodler’s Standard Flex Pen With Apache Sunset Ink


  1. Apache Sunset ink is pretty! I debated between that one and Diamine Sunset when I was shopping for an orange ink (I need more ink storage space) and opted for the Diamine because at the time Noodler’s was bugging me with the smell. (I don’t mind the Noodler’s ink smell anymore, but I did at the time.)

    I love J. Herbin inks, but haven’t tried any of their 2018 line yet. Do you have a favorite?


    • Apache Sunset has excellent shading properties and was an early acquisition when flex nibs caught my fancy. I got hung up with using it only in that type of nib and really ought to give it a go in a fine as well as an italic. One of these days…

      Judging from the swatches, Vert de Gris looks appealing and since it is Herbin, might hake a good mate for my vintage, navy gray Parker ’51’. Which color appeals most to you?


      • Bleu Calanque looks like the one I’d probably use the most. Corail Des Tropiques is intriguing, though!


        • They do look appealing. Can’t go wrong with Herbin ink whatever the color.

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